Thursday, July 31, 2014

What's on my needles (week 28)

At the Knitting Garage

My summer classes are coming to an end with this Saturday's class on the Stay-Put Shawl

 I will post a new short schedule for Late summer Classes through end of September soon.  I already have some ideas of what to offer, but this is the time to put in special requests if you have any.

Also don't forget about private lesson.  Sometimes they are the best way to go, working with you one-on-one and on your specific project.

The Glacerie Shawl

 I started on a new store sample using one of the new patterns we got in this summer.  This shawl is knitted in three colors and I am using pink, gray and blue :)
After the initial learning curve of having to do lace stitches on the WS purl side row I think I am getting the hang of it.

At Home

A gift from Heaven

I am working on the shawl Marie had bough as a kit and which had found its way into my hands.  The first few sections are simple TV knitting and I was breezing through those.  Now I am knitting the last two sections and have to pay much more attention.  These sections are charted only and I have to do lace stitches on both sides of the work so I am going pretty much through the same learning curve with this project as I am with the shawl I am knitting at The Knitting Garage.

Knitting on this makes me feel close to Marie and I find myself thinking of her ("talking" with her) while working on this shawl.

Matt's all in one

For relaxing and simple TV knitting I have (yet again) picked up the scarf I am making for Matt .  I made the scarf a little longer (62 inches) and I am now knitting the pockets. I keep telling myself that it WILL be done before winter.

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