Thursday, September 5, 2019

My ( almost) Rhinebeck Sweater

It all started so well:  
  • I fell in love with this pattern, Helenium by Amanda Scheuzger, and bought the yarn, Kenzie by Hikoo Skacel, which just happened to be in the clearance bin at the yarn shop where I work, The Knitting Garage in Rhinebeck.
And it got better:  
  • There was not enough yarn in the color I liked best from what was there, but I was able to buy more yarn off a fellow knitter on ravelry ( Juliemustknit).  And it turned out that the yarn I bought from her although bought in North Carolina rather than NY is the EXACT SAME dye lot!!!  What were the chances of that??
I started the sweater on January 16, 2019  and had so much fun that I finished the sleeves and body all the way to the point when I start knitting the brioche yoke by February 9.
I was looking forward to come back from a two week vacation in Costa Rica and finish the sweater.
BUT I broke my wrist while away and was not able to continue until a little 
over four months later, July 17, at which point I very gingerly knitted a little bit at a time
August 13, almost a month later, I finished and absolutely love this sweater.
It fits well and who knew that orange looks so good on me?!
I am really looking forward to the cooler weather when I will start wearing it.  There have been a few cool mornings already and I enjoy slipping into this sweater.

Now you may wonder why I said “almost Rhinebeck sweater”.
That’s simple :  it turns out that I will be away this year during the New York Sheep and Wool Festival.  I will be visiting family in England, but I will be sure to wear my Helenium pullover there...