Thursday, April 26, 2018

My Tealeaf Sweater

I really love Lace


 So, naturally I was attracted to Bristol Ivy's Tealeaf Sweater.  I liked the idea of lace sections in a heavier cozy garment.  Lace is usually associated with light and airy shawls or Summer tops, so this was a novel idea I jumped at.

I signed up for her KAL and started (finally) in January as I was busy with Holiday knitting before then.

Then came my surgery less than four weeks into knitting and I was not able to pick this project up again until after Easter , but then finished it within two and a half weeks.

It has a lot of details AND POCKETS! and I feel very cozy wearing it :)

Please note that there are so many beautiful yarns which give you the correct gauge; the options are almost endless :)

Now finally to the pattern:  Tealeaf Sweater by Bristol Ivy
My project notes:  Strickliese's Tealeaf Sweater

And a gallery of photos and video:

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

These are a few of my favorite things

Thank you to everyone who got together with me during the past two weeks.
I truly love giving you any and all of my expertise to help you make knitting that new project just a little easier or at least clearer. I also love it that everyone I have met with (ranging from 5 to 80 years old) is working on something different.  That certainly keeps me on my toes.

Kyra learned to master the Brioche stitch on this lovely hat ( a free pattern on ravelry).
I also decided to knit up a baby-sized hat in this pattern for a friend's newborn :)

Fluffy Brioche Hat

Sandra knitted up her very first sock during a one week stay in the area.
We decided on using DK yarn on #4 needles.  working the toes two at a time and then concentrating on just one sock which Sandra finished using Jenni's stretchy bind off. Hurray!


Cathlyn learned how to attach a lace boarder on her garter stitch shawl.
The border on this shawl is attached to the edge of the shawl row by row ; a little cumbersome but well worth it.

Marianne has made some head start on her first fitted sweater.  She is an accomplished knitter already, but this is her first sweater.
I suggested "Brick" in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.  This is a simple sweater with raglan sleeve construction, top down.  This way it can be tried on as you go along to make sure the fit is right (every person's body shape is different).  I like it so much that I started knitting a sweater for myself.


Ciel and Lumi are learning various new stitches by continuing to work on their pillow covers.
They are my cutest students :) and eager to learn new stitches.

Learn to knit Pillow Cover

Anni  Last, but not least, I am meeting with Anni today to go over how to work Entrelac.
Anni has been telling me for years that she wants to learn entrelac.  I am so happy that she is finally taking the plunge.  I think she will be happy to see that it is not as scary as it seems.
In preparation to the lesson I knitted up the beginnings of a simple entrelac square. 

Entrelac Square
  I am thankful to each one for enriching my days by taken me away from routine and exploring new things together.

 My own knitting has taken off again, too, and I picked up the Tealeaf Sweater which had been in hibernation since end of January.  I am happy to say that I finished the sleeves. I am now working on the lace collar and after that it is just a few little steps -including blocking- before I can wear it.  

Tealeaf Sweater
I also made a quick linen stitch square which I re-purposed into a teapot coaster by folding over the edges.

Linen Stitch square
One last thing to share is a craft of a different nature; I went into my beading stash and made this necklace as a gift <3