Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's on my needles (week 14)

At The Knitting Garage

I am finished knitting the "Kitty" sweater.  All that is left to do is the crochet edging and blocking and of course choosing and inserting a ribbon.  I have seen several ribbons in the front of the store which would look really nice.

I will most likely get the sweater finished at the store this Saturday; so come by if you want to see this project in process.
This Saturday morning I will also be starting the sock knitting sessions spread out over three weeks, but easily taken as individual classes.
There is still space in all three classes and if you sign up for all three, you get a 10% discount.
Each one of these classes are $30 for 1-2 and $25 for 3-4 participants; they usually run a little over one hour.
·        Saturday 4.26. Judy’s magic cast-on This is a favorite cast on for toe-up socks two at a time or individual.  You can use any sock weight yarn.
·         Saturday 5.3.  Fish Lips Kiss Heel  This is a simple and well-fitting heel construction everyone seems to be talking about.  This heel works for both cuff-down and toe-up socks as it is symmetrical!
·         Saturday 5.10. Jenny’s stretchy bind off  A good and popular bind off for your toe-up socks.
      Depending on time we will also go over some other stretchy bind-offs.

 At Home 

Simple tank top re-done 

From this (photo 2009)... this (photo 2014)
I am almost done re-knitting the tank top; just a couple more inches and the armhole borders.
 Yes, the original knit looks neater, but I still think that the re-knitting is worth it.
A couple of things I had to do to neaten the stitches:  I purled through the back-loop and I used a US #5 (originally  I had knitted on US #6).
I should have a picture of the completely finished piece by next week; ready to wear it  again this summer.

  Matt's all-in-one 

Although I have knitted a couple of rows now and then this has been mostly asleep:


Thursday, April 17, 2014

What's on my needles (week 13)

Clermont Yarn bombing

I finally took a trip down the road to Clermont State Historic Site last week to see the Yarn Bombing.  It really is worth a trip especially if you combine it with attending the Chancellor's Sheep and Wool Showcase this Saturday, April 19th.  Here are a few pictures. I took more pictures which I posted on facebook ; to see those click here:  Knit with Doris/ Discover Your Inner Knitter
While you are there "like" me on facebook  :)

At The Knitting Garage at AL Stickle

I have been knitting full steam ahead on "Kitty".  The nice thing with knitting baby or children's' clothes is that they are usually a quick knit.  This one is no exception and I am already knitting the lace section.  Once that is done there will only be the crochet edging left to do.  It already looks really sweet and I am sure this will be the new most popular project for our customers who knit for their daughters or granddaughters.

At Home

After all the complaining and moaning last week, I finished the Diamond Cuff within a few days once I picked it up again and my friend loves it :)
The i-cord edging especially was knitted up in a breeze on "larger" US #1 needles!

I am also re-knitting a tank top which I had partially frogged at the end of last summer because I wanted it longer and straighter.  I had frogged it up to the armholes, then picked up the stitches and am now re-knitting from the top down.  I did soak the yarn as skeins in water to get the crinkles out.  You can see a bit of the process here:

Yes, I do notice the difference between the original and the re-knit.  For one the color bled and the knitting does not look as even (although I am using smaller US# 5 needles), but I think I can fix that once I am finished.  It is worth a try anyway since I had not been wearing it much any more the way it was.


I also cast on a new project at home.  Matt asked me to knit up a scarf with pockets and a hood attached.  I just started on that today, but I know I have plenty of time to finish this project before Winter arrives again. The color, "Italian Plum", is growing on me although he was originally looking for a blue.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's on my needles (week 12)

Before anything else I want to start with a small personal tribute to Ira Gutner. 


For those of you who don't know Ira:  He was the owner of a lovely little coffee shop in Rhinebeck, Upstate NY: Samuel's.  But he was much more than that. He did his bit to make Rhinebeck a closer knit community (pun intended) in all he did.  I first met Ira during a "knit in public event" at The Knitting Garage.  It was refreshing to meet a relatively new knitter who was so enthusiastic about the craft.  Later, when I started giving lessons and working in Rhinebeck,  Ira became a familiar and welcome face.  He embraced knitting and designing his own line of fair isle hats with fervent enthusiasm and I was often his go-to person to bounce off ideas for a new design or on how to make the shape work better or on which colors would look best together for a specific effect.  His creative mind seemed to work on overdrive and he inspired me to forge forward designing.  I still can't wrap my head around that he won't be walking through those red double doors any more.  I still find myself "talking" with him and am sure that he is knitting and designing for a long time to come in his after life.  I just wish he could have stayed with us longer.  He will be missed for his warm smile and big bear hugs.

At The Knitting Garage

Venumous Tentacular

I finished the venumous tentacular.  It is such a lovely shawl and shows off the yarn beautifully.  As I mentioned last week I will be giving a class on Saturday 19th on the pattern; explaining the stitches used and the construction of the shawl.  Remember, too, that all classes come with additional instructions free of extra charge until you have the project finished.
Please note:  Since nobody signed up for the Easter egg cozies class this Saturday 4.12. and the 19th is the Saturday before Easter, and I had some requests about the venumous tentacular class, I will be giving this class for two Saturdays: 4.12. AND 4.19.  Please let me know by latest Friday 6pm if you want to attend the class so the pattern can be purchased for all participants.


I cast on my next store sample "Kitty", a cute short sleeved cardigan for 2-8 year olds. This is a simple top down raglan construction with lace. The cardigan is further enhanced by the sweet crochet edging. To pull it all together (quite literally) it closes with a wide satin ribbon.
So far it is a quick knit as you can see by the progress I made in just one day.
 I am using the Spud and Chloe Fine which I had worked with before when I made my "Pendulum" shawl.  It is a wool and silk blend yarn which gives good stitch definition and is very nice to work with.

At Home            

Tony's lucky socks

Tony came home last Sunday and I made him model his new socks :)  Actually he had put them on quite happily and voluntarily the first day back.  These are knitted in Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk.

Tony told me that these are his best fitting socks yet, so don't miss my classes on the three major construction points:
  • Judy's magic cast on for two at the time toe up socks (Sat 4.26.)
  • Fish Lips Kiss Heel (Sat 5.3.)
  • Jenny's stretchy bind off and some other stretchy bind offs (Sat 5.10) 

Fortuna Fan's Baby Blanket

The baby blanket for my nephew's baby due in August is all finished and ready to be shipped.  I made this in Cascade Aran, sooo soft and cozy! To make the design a little more interesting I switched colors after 1/2 stripe when I was at the point to start my decreases.

So, does this mean I have nothing on my needles at home?  

No, I "forgot" to tell you that I am working on a knitted bracelet for a friend of mine:

Diamond Cuff 

I thought that I would have knitted this up in no time "under the radar".  I had bought Laura Nelkin's  kit over a year ago when I was in the Finger-lakes Region spending time on Seneca Lake. I thought at the time it would make a nice gift for my friend Joan with whom I had been beading for many years.  Now I am more into knitting and she makes the most beautiful beaded creations.  Well her 2013 birthday came and went, then her 2014 birthday was approaching last month and two weeks before her birthday came around I thought I could just whip this up quickly.  Wrong.  This bracelet is knitted on size 0 needles, so between the itty bitty needles and trying to place the beads correctly I was challenged.  I even got different needles, Chiao Goo's, which have a sharper point which is really important for lace knitting (my knitpicks needles seemed OK, but these work better).  After putting it into hibernation for a few weeks I picked the project up again last Monday and I finally "got it" (see also my pattern notes on ravelry ).  My note to self:  Next time I want to do knitted beaded jewellery I should pick up a kit at The Knitting Garage; there are a few by Laura Nelkin and all of those use bigger needles (I am fine with size 2; it's what I use for socks...).
Don't get me wrong: the pattern is beautiful and it will look stunning, but maybe just a bit hard for me.

Friday, April 4, 2014

What's on my needles (week 11)

Hudson Valley Yarn Crawl

First of all a big thank you to everyone who came to the store during the Hudson Valley Yarn crawl.  Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate and only the hardiest crawled. Everyone who did come walked out not only with a goodie bag, but also with some scrumptious yarns.  Our now almost empty clearance bin and shelves can attest to that.  Our clearance bins always have a "WOW" factor as the yarns in there were simply pulled because we run out of space. You can check it out any time.  The sales on the other hand were only for Saturday and Sunday and were a definite draw; come check them out at the next yarn crawl.


I had a lovely surprise when Judy Reichler e-mailed me that she shared our class schedule at The Knitting Garage with all her contacts.  Here is her e-mail to me and if you click on the link it will take you to her post on her blog:

"I love your blog, and it looks beautiful.  Makes me think I need to update mine.  Anyway, I thought you'd like to see this entry.  I hope you're doing well and that we'll connect again some time.
While on her blog check out her classes, too.  She is a wonderful teacher and experienced knitter.

At The Knitting Garage


The Venomous Tentacula

This beautiful shawl is almost done especially now that I decrease my rows I am going full steam ahead to the finish line.Who would have thought that this yarn looks so pretty knitted up?  I like the pattern so much that I offer a class to start you on your own Venomous Tentacula.  You will get the pattern, read through and understand the construction of the shawl and learn the different stitches used.  After knitting a few pattern repeats you will go home confidently that this can be finished ready to wear this Spring and Summer.

At Home


Tony's Lucky Socks

I finished Tony's socks and they are wrapped up and waiting for his return from his Mom's (or rather Mum's since she lives in England).  I will then put them on his feet and share pictures next week.
These are two at the time toe up socks.  The three main design points
  • casting on with Judy's magic cast on two at the time
  • FLK Heel construction  and
  • Jenny's surprisingly stretchy bind off (and a few other bind offs)
will be taught by me in a three week series of Saturday morning classes which you can take as individual classes or you can take all three for a 10% discount.

Fortuna Fan's Baby blanket

This simple striped knit while you watch TV blanket (this would be one long compound word in German;) is just about done and ready to go into the mail although the baby is not due until August.  Knitted up in the Cascade Aran weight this is a quick knit and feels beautifully soft.  I am sure the little guy will like it :)
I will have to think about what to cast on next.