Thursday, December 6, 2018

Knitting Socks and Heartstrings

Remember my sock knitting class I started last month.

I met with both groups this week and with determination, patience and lots of support from each other every one has finished one heel and moved on to the next.

I like to teach a very basic sock construction, toe up and two at a time.  

  • The toe up helps not to have to fret over having enough yarn to finish, because you can easily adjust the length of the leg depending on how much yarn you have left after doing the important part, the foot.
  • Two at a time helps not to have that second sock syndrome.  Instead you are done with both socks at the same time and don't need to restart for that second sock (unless of course you are knitting more than two socks for an octopus). Check out my diagram on two at a time sock knitting right here on my blog: No tangle two at a time.
  • I like the ease of a short row heel.  No picking up stitches , no gussets, just a simple 90 degree turn of your sock.  the nice thing with this, too, is that you don't interrupt any design since no knitting takes place at all on the top / front of the sock. You simply pick up the pattern again when you are done with the heel and are back to knitting in the round.
This said I always come back to the Sock Therapist's FLK heel. By working the short row turns with double stitches you get a nice solid fabric on your heel.
Her instructions are very clear and backed up by YouTube videos.  
Here is a link to her pattern which is only $1 for 16 pages of instruction!!
FLK Heel 

And here is a gallery of the results 

Remember these ladies only just  learned how to do this :)

Annie's socks for hubby; good job!

Kyra's socks; one heel done :)

Bright socks for my brother in law

One heel done on Toni's socks for her daughter; what a pretty color.

The beauty of one heel on Michelle's socks (she usually prefers bulky yarn and big needles)


And last but not least Gerrie's socks with one heel done.

Join me for my next class.

Goodie bags and holiday spirit