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Stretchy Bind- Offs

Stretchy Bind Offs

Stretchy Bind Offs most suited for socks:
  • ·         Lace Bind Off, aka Russian, Purl Two Together
  • ·         Elastic Bind Off
  • ·         Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off 
This is my favorite and the one I am teaching in the Class.

Other Stretchy Bind Offs:
  • ·         Yarnover Bind Off
  • ·         Suspended Bind Off
  • ·         Icelandic Bind Off
You may find youtubes  videos for all these bind offs.

Here are step by step instructions for Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off:
To work this bind off, you will first process each stitch and then bind off in the traditional manner.

Processing a Knit Stitch:
1.       Work a reverse yarnover.
2.       Knit one stitch.
3.       Pull the YO over the knit stitch.

Processing a Purl Stitch:
1.       Work a yarnover ending with the yarn in the front.
2.       Purl one stitch.
3.       Pull the YO over the purl stitch.

Binding off:
Process each of the first two stitches then pull the first stitch over the second stitch.
Process the next stitch and again pull the first stitch on your right hand needle over the second one as in a traditional bind off.  Continue this last step until all stitches are bound off.

NOTE:  In order not to get a jug between the last stitch and the first stitch when binding off in the round, pull your last loop to a length of about 3” (6” total) and cut in the center of this loop.  You will have the tail of the working yarn come through the center of the last stitch.  Thread your darning needle with this yarn tail and go under the two legs of the first stitch bound off and then back through the center of the last stitch.  This bridges the gap between the last and first bound off stitch.  Last  weave in the end.

This handout is part of a Sock Knitting Class by Doris Formby.
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