Friday, May 6, 2016


<3 Best wishes to all of you for a very happy Mother's Day <3

What's on (or not on) my needles (week 110)

I hope everyone is having a lovely Spring and is looking forward to this weekend. 
My sons are planning a BBQ for me which  may have to be taken indoors depending on the weather. So much rain!
I am planning to let them organize while I knit. I like to schedule in some time for knitting  whether for myself or for a loved one, handmade gifts bring joy not only to the person who receives, but also to the one who makes it.

Presently I am trying to get started on a cozy afghan for my sister (for her 70th this summer). So far I have picked the yarn:  Cascade 128 which is super-soft and the color #893 (Ruby), which is my sister's favorite, but I am experimenting with various ideas and stitches.  I actually started yesterday, but unraveled it after 4 inches, because it just did not fit my vision for the blanket.
So, it is back to the "drawing board".  Next, I am thinking to knit double-stranded on a big needle for a thick and lofty look.

I am sure we have all been there one time or the other.  Sometimes it helps to bounce off ideas with friends or the knitting staff at your friendly LYS ;)  and I know that eventually it all comes together.

So, I am wishing you especially for this weekend much inspiration and much joy. 

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