Thursday, May 24, 2018

About WIPs, UFOs and Queues/ What’s on my needles

To me not all UFOs ( unfinished objects) are WIPs ( works in progress) and not all WIPs have ever been in my queue.  Likewise I am certain that not everything in my queue will ever be WIPs.
Confused? Let me elaborate.
As always there are more to in-depth notes for each of my projects.  Click on the links under each picture.

About my QUEUE

When I see something I really like A LOT and definitely want to make and I don’t want to forget about it, I put it in my ravelry queue with notes on who to make that for or which yarn I am thinking to use, possibly even a “make by “ deadline.  But I don’t always follow through with everything in my queue.  Sometimes I just want to remember different designs I like , but have not made the final decision.  For example I know I will make a blanket/ throw for my brother’s 70th, and there were several designs I liked, but in the end I decided on one and deleted the others from the queue.
Right now I have 23 items in my queue and some of them have been sitting there for quite some time ; the eldest one was queued May 2013, and I am not sure if I will ever make it.  Once in a while I look at them, I may shuffle things around or even delete.  Some things I still want to make but the time just has not come yet or I still have not found the yarn which would perfectly match with the pattern.

And then there are patterns which hit me and I have to start immediately; they don’t even need to go in the queue, but go straight into the WIP group.

My WIP group has usually multiple items.

There is the shawl, Birds of a Feather,  I make for the shop, The Knitting Garage at Stickles in Rhinebeck.  Since I work on that only when I am actually at the shop and not busy with customers, this is a little slow going, but still coming along nicely and I love working with the Hedgehog Fiber, both the Skinny Single and the Mohair.

Birds Of A Feather

There is the sweater in Brooklyn Tweed which I started when a customer wanted to learn how to make a simple fitted sweater.  The pattern “ Brick” is a great beginner pattern.  It is worked top down with a raglan construction in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.  As one can never have too many sweaters, I am knitting one for myself in the color Barn Owl with accent color Nest for the ribbing. Right now this project is hibernating until Marianne is ready to do her sleeves as I like to do both sleeves at the same time on two circular needles and can demonstrate best on my own project.  So, right now this is my UFO snoozing away.


My Tv/ don’t need to look at what I am doing project is usually a pair of socks or washcloth.  Both of those projects are also easy to take on the road.  However my present easy knit is a skirt which had been in my queue since almost two years.  I had made the same skirt then, in a different color, and immediately got yarn to make a second one.  So happy to halve started on this and I am a little over half way done.

Swinging Blues

As mentioned before, I am making a blanket for my brother.  I like the bulky look of a knit in US #50 needles.  I had made a throw for my sister and now it is time to my one for Peter.  I find it hard to work with such big needles, but I try to get a few rows done every day and I am about half way done.

Kuscheldecke II

Once that is done, I am planning on making a boxy lacy top for my sister.  Since I made one for myself , I can see how much fun it is to wear.  Hers will be in white cotton.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

And just like that it's Summer weather

Summer Knitting/ what's on my needles

I never stop being amazed by how quickly Winter changes to Summer around here (there really is no Spring).
So, it's time to get your cotton and linen yarns out and  and cast on something new to wear this Summer.  Remember, a tee is much faster to knit up than a sweater (no sleeves!)

Here are some of my favorites:

The first few are done up in DK weight yarn (600-1400 yards depending on size and pattern). 

Click on the links for more information :)


Premiere Swing Top

 Iris Side to side Tee 

I modified this one a little , adding sleeves.

 Top Down Shell

Shevron Tank


Cancun Boxy Lace Top
This is a great layering piece .

This top is in my queue this summer:

Novel- T by Laura Nelkin

And what's on my needles?

I just started on my second swing skirt.  I made one two years ago and love the way it wears.

Swinging Blues

After a few initial hiccups I am now on my way.

 Here is a picture of the skirt I made two years ago: