Thursday, July 17, 2014

What's on my needles (week 26)

At The Knitting Garage

The candle Flame Shawl store sample

The shawl is displayed in the knitting garage.
Click here for the pattern:

Store Sample

My latest store sample is a pillow cover I am knitting along with the beginners' knitting class Tuesday afternoons.  Last Tuesday Jenn learned cables!  She likes it so much that she wants to knit up a cabled scarf after her practice pieces. :)  Way to go, Jenn!

Saturday morning class

This Saturday we will be talking about s_t_r_e_t_c_h_y  bind offs.

At Home

A gift from Heaven


I started knitting a shawl with a special story behind it:
I remember my friend Marie ordering this shawl kit (# 40176) from knitpicks after we both had been oohhing and aahhing over the knitpicks catalog. She never got around making it and it was donated together with other yarns to the Tivoli library.
During the recent yarn sale fundraiser for the cancer center in Albany, NY  (see my posts from week 20 and week 21)  the kit re-surfaced and was given to me by the library director, Bonny. Somehow I feel that Marie wanted me to have this all along. 
After a false start with the wrong color I got about one third done with the first section, "rain".

Thursday, July 10, 2014

What's on my needles (week 25)

A shawl is born

First of all I want to let you know that I not only finished knitting up the shawl for the store and at home for myself, but I also finished writing the pattern (all seven pages of it).

Let the pictures speak for themselves:
This one was knitted in the Mirasol Nuna Fina for the Knitting Garage and measures 76" by 14":

I also knitted up the same pattern in a heavier silk yarn, the Lantern Moon Indochine.  I added beads in this shawl and it measures 49" by 11.5" after blocking.

 The pattern for this is available in my ravelry store: Doris Formby Designs
You can also find a link on this blog on the page "Original Designs Free and for sale".
The pattern is written for any weight yarn and with or without beads :)  Check it out!  I am curious to see who will knit this up next.

Saturday Class at the Knitting Garage

My sock knitting classes will continue with instructions on how to knit up the Fish Lips Kiss heel.  After you have done this once, you will see that it is an easy to remember heel construction which is knitted the same cuff down or toe up with no heel flap and no gussets, yet it gives a great fit.
I will teach you the technique on a sample; you do not need to bring a sock project.  If you sign up prior to the class I will e-mail you the pattern before, otherwise I will e-mail it to you after the Saturday class.
Here is my pair of socks which I started for the sock knitting classes.  I cast on last Saturday using Judy's magic cast-on and I knitted the FLK heel yesterday on one sock.  I have to stop myself from knitting the other heel as I will do that during the class.
I also want to mention that if ever you have a scheduling conflict, but want to take one of my Saturday morning classes, consider to take that class in a private lesson at your convenience.

Store Sample

I am presently knitting up a 14 "x 14" pillow cover as store sample.  I am knitting this project along with Jenn, Jill, Rachel and Suzanna who are taking the Tuesday beginner's class.  Sign up for the next session of beginner's knitting classes (four Tuesdays total) which starts Tuesday, July 29th and runs through August 19th.  It is a good excuse (if you need an excuse) to come in from the heat.

At Home

I finished the Market Bag as a gift for a friend, but will wait to give it away until after the Saturday Class on July 26.  So far I have two sign-ups, so if you are interested there is space for two more max.
I am calling this bag "Ready for the beach-bag".  It looks to me that it would perfectly let out any sand which comes in; pretty much like open sandals.

That's it for this week.  Be well my friends and HAPPY KNITTING!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's on my needles (week 24)

Happy Fourth Of July!  

How it all started

This week I took a little trip down memory lane.  You may know that I learned how to knit in Elementary school when I was about 8 or 9 years old.  When I was in High school a friend of mine, Mechtild, explained the math to me on how to make a custom knit sweater.
Just for kicks I wore one of them last week.  I made this sweater over 40 years ago!

Here I am wearing the sweater in 1977

and again in 2014

This is another sweater I designed and knitted in 1974

I think it is then when I started to enjoy knitting something I dreamed up myself and I am so glad that I have come back to this, which brings my story to the shawl I am presently designing.

I am working quite hard on writing out the instructions clearly and easy to follow.
The design is based on my Candle Flame scarf pattern which seems very popular (Check out this and other patterns right here on my blog and on ravelry:
For the shawl at the store I am using the Mirasol Nuna Fina, a lace weight yarn, and I have just a few more pattern repeats to finish.
The shawl I knitted at home is done in the Lantern Moon Indochin yarn and is blocking right now.
Just as I was finishing the shawl, Cathy Woodcock from Lantern Moon asked a friend of hers, Sarah Lajoie, to ship a "Bead Aid" to me (how very kind and very cool!!!).  Sarah designed this little tool which makes placing the beads in the knitting faster than with a crochet hook. Check it out for yourself on their website:
You may want to order one of these for yourself :)  It looks very durable and is so small that it is easy to take along. It is also handmade of fine steel wire so if you have one of those magnetic boards which hold your pattern you can just stick it on there.

Let's take some peeks at the shawls:
At the Knitting Garage
At Home

At The Knitting Garage

We had a couple of wonderful classes during the last week.

Saturday Therese came by and took the class on making her own cotton T-shirt.  She choose a lovely mid-blue Cascade Avalon yarn for hers and I am excited to see how it is coming along.  When she left she had started the k1, p1 ribbing for the body which goes on for 16 inches and I had shown her how to knit with DPN's for the sleeves and how to later join the sleeves, but as with all classes she is welcome to come back any time with additional questions or to go over something again.

Then on Tuesday we had a total of four new knitting students which was great fun. This is a four week course.  I put together a little starter kit for everyone and we are working on a small pillow cover learning different stitches as we go along.  I have several things I want to teach, but we will see how it goes.  I think it is more important to instill a joy of knitting than to overwhelm everyone and if the pillow cover has just garter and stockinette stitch but is a favorite to cuddle with, that would be just fine.  

Don't forget this Saturday's Class is about how to cast on for your toe-up socks.  Judy's Magic Cast-on truly is MAGIC!
Here is a copy of Leah's e-mail she just sent out:
The following three classes on sock knitting can be taken as individual classes or sign up for all three at a 10% discount
Each one of these classes is $30 for 1-2 and $25 for 3-4 participants
· Saturday, July 5. Judy’s magic cast-on. This is a favorite cast on for toe-up socks two at a time or individual. You can use any weight yarn to learn this technique.
· Saturday, July 12. Fish Lips Kiss Heel. This is a simple and well-fitting heel construction everyone seems to be talking about. You will learn the special stitch used for this construction. You can use any weight yarn to learn the technique.

· Saturday, July19. Jenny’s stretchy bind off. A good and popular bind off for your toe-up socks

Walk-ins are welcome but its easy to sign up just email us! or reply to this email, we make things simple!

At Home 

Other than occupying myself with the new pattern I have also been working on the Market bag.  So far I have two sign-ups for the class on July 26, there are still two more spots available.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What's on my needles (week 23)

I have been having a great week with the weather being perfect and my knitting going full speed.

At The Knitting Garage

Although nobody came for my Sun Hat class last Saturday, the pattern has become quite popular and we sold a few copies at the store.  I am looking forward to see more of these hats knitted up.  It really is a great grand hat and I am happy to be wearing mine since I took it out of the window and replaced it with the T-shirt we will be knitting up this Saturday.  If you are interested in this class, sign up today or walk in for the class Saturday morning.  And don't forget:  Next Tuesday I will be starting a beginners knitting class.

Store sample

The store sample is half way done ; probably in another week or two all will be revealed.

At Home

For now I will simply call the WIP  "Indocine"  after the yarn which I am using.  I have another name in mind and will use that when the pattern is finalized.  Here is a little "teaser" :
I love the silky sheen of the yarn and thought to enhance it further by adding beads.  I did not want to take away from the beauty of the yarn and have the beads compete with it, so I purchased beads in a similar color.  I was thinking of pearls, but of course the holes in pearls are far too small.  These are size 6 beads and I think these are perfect for what I am doing.  I purchased them at "I Dream of Beading" in Poughkeepsie which gave me a wonderful opportunity to catch up with Janice.

 The girlfriend Market Bag

I did start on the market bag using a different circular cast-on which I find to be a little easier and faster (I will teach you in the class).  I am making this bag as a gift and was torn between several colors, but I kept coming back to yellow which I think will pair well with the dark blue I have left over from the T-shirt and which I will be using for the handles.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's on my needles (week 22)

I have had quite an exciting week.
Some good : a wonderful massage at the Haven Spa in Rhinebeck, a gift from my boss and the perfect thing for what I call my "knitting shoulder".  I get tense in my right shoulder and neck and should listen to my own advise on exercise for knitters right here on my blog:
The bad:  My car didn't start yesterday and charging the battery did not do the trick; I had it towed this morning and can only highly recommend T&N Towing in Red Hook.  Now I am anxiously awaiting the verdict.  I hope it is just the battery, but have a bad feeling that it may be more.  Well, Joe from Red Hook Auto knows his stuff and I know my "baby" is in good hands.
But on to knitting and all anxieties melt away:

      Update on my car:  It needed a new battery, that was all :)

At The Knitting Garage

We had a wonderful class on the Pinwheel Spa Cloth last Saturday and I was so inspired that I whipped up two more of these since.  They do make such great gifts!
The turquoise one is knitted up in Blue Sky Skinny Cotton and the white one in Lily Sugar'n Cream Cotton, both yarns are available at Stickles.


Don't forget:  This Saturday, June 21, is "Knit in Public Day" AND I will be giving the class on the Great Grand Sun Hat.  Sign up today for the class or walk in Saturday morning.


My next Store Sample

I am working on a fabulous shawl in Nuna Fina by Mirasol, BUT since this is a new pattern I am in the process of writing, I keep it as a secret project till it is finished and all will be revealed ;)

At Home

I knitted up the two Spa Cloths above and got a little further with knitting Matthew's scarf.

I am also knitting the same shawl at home which I am knitting at The Knitting Garage.  I am knitting this one in yarn a little heavier, the Indochin by Lantern Moon, which was given to me as a "Thank you" for letting them use my pattern "Candle Flame Scarf" .  See also my post from last March :  .
I am adding beads to this.  So you all will have to be very patient and wait until the pattern is finalized :)

But I will start something else today, too, so I have something I can share.  So, today after posting this, I will cast on the "Girlfriend Market Bag".  If you are interested:  I will be giving a class on this on Saturday, July 26.  So far I have two people signed up, so there are still two more spots available.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

What's on my needles (week 21)

Thank you!

First of all I want to say a BIG Thank You to all of you who went to the Yarn Sale Fundraiser for Cancer.  The Tivoli Library had many people stop by and was able to raise over $300 for the cause.
Additionally to that, several blankets, hats and booties were collected.  Everything will go to the Cancer Center in Albany.
For those who missed the sale or want to go again:  There will be a repeat fundraiser (yarns and books) on the Tivoli town wide yard sale day on Saturday July 26th.


 At The Knitting Garage


A reminder that this Saturday we will have a class at The Knitting Garage on the "Pinwheel Spa Cloth".  You will learn an easy (!) circular cast-on, how to knit with double-pointed needles, several lace stitches and a crochet bind-off.
There are still three spots left available for this class.















Store sample

The little Harriet Dress is finished.  It looks adorable; the perfect dress for summer time.  The pattern gives instructions for sizes 6 months to 5 years and is available for purchase at The Knitting Garage.

At Home

Summer Flies

My "Summer Flies Shawl" is finished and came out beautifully.  It was much easier and quicker to knit up than I had anticipated.


 Great Grand Sun Hat

I also knitted up a Summer hat in less than a week.  This hat has a lovely wide brim to keep your face shaded.  I usually wear baseball caps in summer, but this is much more elegant.  I also like the fact that it folds up small (to put in your purse) and it can be washed.  I knitted my hat up in the Trendsetter Lino, a cotton/linen blend yarn.
If you take the class next week Saturday, June 21, you will learn how to knit in the round on both circular and double pointed needles, add stitches, work with slipped stitches, and knit cables.