Thursday, February 7, 2019

Hats, scarves, mitts, the Winter basics

How many hats, scarves and mitts do you have in your wardrobe?
They are not only THE accessories which keep you warm,  but they also add a nice splash of quirkiness or elegance , color or subtle understatement to your outfit.  They also knit up fast and the simpler styles don’t need much knitting experience.
A scarf or fingerless mitts are very good choices as a first project when you first learn how to knit.

For a scarf you could make it a sampler scarf doing different sections in different stitches as you go along learning them.  Garter first, then stockinette, perhaps some seed stitch or even cable, would make a lovely scarf. 🧣

Fingerless mitts can be worked flat and then seamed for the beginner knitter or knit in the round, even two at a time if you want to be more adventurous and know the basics.  The same is true for hats.
You may want to check out some of my easy patterns : Strickliese’s patterns

All of these make great gifts, too.  Hint:  Valentines Day is just around the corner.

So, if you have a case of the Winter doldrums or know someone who does, a new hat, mitts or scarf may just be the cure.

For  some inspiration, looks through all the hats, scarves and mitts I have knitted or stop at your local yarn shop and look at the store samples and through the patterns.  Also look at the yarns and touch them.  There may just be that skein which fills you with great joy and would be perfect for a hat, mitts, scarf or cowl ( don’t forget the cowls!).

Click on this link: Strickliese’s hats
For Mitts click on this link:  Strickliese’s mitts

And for cowls and scarves, you may roam my ravelry project page here: Cowls
Scarves and shawls

Friday, January 4, 2019

2018 in review

Using ravelry's search functions, I checked how many projects I completed this past year.

It is a whopping 27 projects! 
Some smaller (washcloths), some bigger (sweaters).
To see them all, you can click on this link:

Strickliese's 2018 Projects

Here are a few of my favorites:

 Tealeaf Sweater

Walking on Sunshine 

Harry it's cold out there


Stained Glass

Fibonacci Study in Pink and Gray

Intercontinental Adriatic Sea Socks

City Snow

Leo Rising in the Night Sky/ Fire and Ice

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Knitting Socks and Heartstrings

Remember my sock knitting class I started last month.

I met with both groups this week and with determination, patience and lots of support from each other every one has finished one heel and moved on to the next.

I like to teach a very basic sock construction, toe up and two at a time.  

  • The toe up helps not to have to fret over having enough yarn to finish, because you can easily adjust the length of the leg depending on how much yarn you have left after doing the important part, the foot.
  • Two at a time helps not to have that second sock syndrome.  Instead you are done with both socks at the same time and don't need to restart for that second sock (unless of course you are knitting more than two socks for an octopus). Check out my diagram on two at a time sock knitting right here on my blog: No tangle two at a time.
  • I like the ease of a short row heel.  No picking up stitches , no gussets, just a simple 90 degree turn of your sock.  the nice thing with this, too, is that you don't interrupt any design since no knitting takes place at all on the top / front of the sock. You simply pick up the pattern again when you are done with the heel and are back to knitting in the round.
This said I always come back to the Sock Therapist's FLK heel. By working the short row turns with double stitches you get a nice solid fabric on your heel.
Her instructions are very clear and backed up by YouTube videos.  
Here is a link to her pattern which is only $1 for 16 pages of instruction!!
FLK Heel 

And here is a gallery of the results 

Remember these ladies only just  learned how to do this :)

Annie's socks for hubby; good job!

Kyra's socks; one heel done :)

Bright socks for my brother in law

One heel done on Toni's socks for her daughter; what a pretty color.

The beauty of one heel on Michelle's socks (she usually prefers bulky yarn and big needles)


And last but not least Gerrie's socks with one heel done.

Join me for my next class.

Goodie bags and holiday spirit

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy November

New York Sheep and Wool Festival a.k.a. RHINEBECK


I always feel so lucky to be working in the local knitting shop, The Knitting Garage at Stickles, especially during the Sheep and Wool Festival.
My favorite thing about the festival is seeing so many people dressed in their hand-knits.  Which better place to be than in the shop when there is a literal parade of fiber-enthusiasts coming through and showing off their work.
Here are a few of my favorites I took pictures of before it got too busy :)

I am sorry I don’t have details on all of the garments, but here are the details on my ensemble:

Cardigan: Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig…/Strickliese/featherweight-cardigan
Shawl :The Drifter by Tami Gore
Hat : Cable Hat 3113 by Bernard Studio
Mitts: RBK Fingerless Mitts ( RBK stands for Rhinebeck and these are my own design available on ravelry)…/library/rbk-fingerless-mitts

We also had a trunk show right in the shop!
I could not resist this kit from the Tre Liz . Two strands of sock yarn knitted up into a "blanket" and then dyed; perfect for my two at the time socks ; socks will be guaranteed the same color sequence. BTW:  Have you signed up for my class yet?  Classes start next week.


Thursday, October 4, 2018

When a knitter travels

First there is the question:  What shall I take along?

I choose something small and easy, something which would not take away my attention from spending time  with family.
So, I choose to knit Tony yet another pair of socks and record the process throughout my travels.

Intercontinental Socks

Started in Upstate New York
Finished the toes in Venice, Italy
More knitting on board of the Adriatic Jert from Italy to Croatia
Turned the heels in Njivice, Croaria
More knitting at the Zagreb, Croatia airport
And at the CDG airport in Paris, France
Back home in Tivoli, NY

Then there is the question:  Where is the nearest Yarn shop?  Do they carry any local yarns, anything different and special?

These are the yarns hops I visited and the purchases I made:

VENICE, Italy  

This shop was only about 15 minutes walk from the apartment where we stayed, Lellabella.  I went twice in the two days we were there.  The first time I restricted myself to just get some sock yarn , but then I could not get a very soft Silk yarn out of my head and went back hours before having to catch the ferry to Croatia and I am glad I did.

A little tricky , but we found it!
The window display is SO PRETTY...
...and so is the sales lady ...
...and so are the yarns

100% silk

RIJECA, Croatia:  Another country, another yarn shop or two 🤗

Thanks to Anesia with whom I connected through ravelry, I came equipped with a list of yarn shops I could possibly visit.
Taking the bus from Njivice was easy and husband and I enjoyed our time in the beautiful seaport town of Rijeka which by the way has been voted to be the European city of culture in 2020.
The shop Ana was the easiest to find with beautiful window display. But I was a little intimidated because all the yarns were behind the counters, so you would really need to know what you want to ask for. But in any case my quest was to find the store UKRAS which carries the Unitas cotton yarn made 100% here in Croatia. Seeing all the oilcloth at the store Ana did put a smile on my face, thinking of Stickles in Rhinebeck, NY, US, and the oilcloth you can buy there.
At UKRAS I bought some lovely cotton yarn, Unitas Helena (250 m per ball).
Since this trip to Croatia was all about spending time with my sister during a joined vacation, I bought enough yarn for a sweater for Fee and one for me 😍. The sweaters will be a nice memento of our time here. Well, that is once I have actually knitted them   

I am thinking to make this sweater ; swatching now.