Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy November

New York Sheep and Wool Festival a.k.a. RHINEBECK


I always feel so lucky to be working in the local knitting shop, The Knitting Garage at Stickles, especially during the Sheep and Wool Festival.
My favorite thing about the festival is seeing so many people dressed in their hand-knits.  Which better place to be than in the shop when there is a literal parade of fiber-enthusiasts coming through and showing off their work.
Here are a few of my favorites I took pictures of before it got too busy :)

I am sorry I don’t have details on all of the garments, but here are the details on my ensemble:

Cardigan: Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig…/Strickliese/featherweight-cardigan
Shawl :The Drifter by Tami Gore
Hat : Cable Hat 3113 by Bernard Studio
Mitts: RBK Fingerless Mitts ( RBK stands for Rhinebeck and these are my own design available on ravelry)…/library/rbk-fingerless-mitts

We also had a trunk show right in the shop!
I could not resist this kit from the Tre Liz . Two strands of sock yarn knitted up into a "blanket" and then dyed; perfect for my two at the time socks ; socks will be guaranteed the same color sequence. BTW:  Have you signed up for my class yet?  Classes start next week.


Thursday, October 4, 2018

When a knitter travels

First there is the question:  What shall I take along?

I choose something small and easy, something which would not take away my attention from spending time  with family.
So, I choose to knit Tony yet another pair of socks and record the process throughout my travels.

Intercontinental Socks

Started in Upstate New York
Finished the toes in Venice, Italy
More knitting on board of the Adriatic Jert from Italy to Croatia
Turned the heels in Njivice, Croaria
More knitting at the Zagreb, Croatia airport
And at the CDG airport in Paris, France
Back home in Tivoli, NY

Then there is the question:  Where is the nearest Yarn shop?  Do they carry any local yarns, anything different and special?

These are the yarns hops I visited and the purchases I made:

VENICE, Italy  

This shop was only about 15 minutes walk from the apartment where we stayed, Lellabella.  I went twice in the two days we were there.  The first time I restricted myself to just get some sock yarn , but then I could not get a very soft Silk yarn out of my head and went back hours before having to catch the ferry to Croatia and I am glad I did.

A little tricky , but we found it!
The window display is SO PRETTY...
...and so is the sales lady ...
...and so are the yarns

100% silk

RIJECA, Croatia:  Another country, another yarn shop or two 🤗

Thanks to Anesia with whom I connected through ravelry, I came equipped with a list of yarn shops I could possibly visit.
Taking the bus from Njivice was easy and husband and I enjoyed our time in the beautiful seaport town of Rijeka which by the way has been voted to be the European city of culture in 2020.
The shop Ana was the easiest to find with beautiful window display. But I was a little intimidated because all the yarns were behind the counters, so you would really need to know what you want to ask for. But in any case my quest was to find the store UKRAS which carries the Unitas cotton yarn made 100% here in Croatia. Seeing all the oilcloth at the store Ana did put a smile on my face, thinking of Stickles in Rhinebeck, NY, US, and the oilcloth you can buy there.
At UKRAS I bought some lovely cotton yarn, Unitas Helena (250 m per ball).
Since this trip to Croatia was all about spending time with my sister during a joined vacation, I bought enough yarn for a sweater for Fee and one for me 😍. The sweaters will be a nice memento of our time here. Well, that is once I have actually knitted them   

I am thinking to make this sweater ; swatching now.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

What was on my needles in August ?

Hello dear knitterly friends,

Here we are in the first week of a new month again and I simply want to share with you what I have been working on during this past month.

As always , click on the links for more detailed information.
The links will take you to a lot more info and as Tony and I are leaving today on a trip to spend time with my sister and her husband, I will leave it at this, short and sweet <3

Here are the projects I finished last month:

And these are still on my needles:

May you enjoy all of your September knitting <3 !

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Shawls with shifting shapes

I want to start today’s blog by letting you all know that I am cutting back on the frequency of my posts ( yet again).
I am intending to write one post per month ( first Thursday of every month).
AT THE SAME TIME I am posting more things on my Facebook page with interactive posts every Wednesday “ What’s on my needles Wednesday “ where you can share your own projects in the comments.  It is like a virtual knitting group.
Every Friday there will be a thread “ Fashion Friday” featuring a knitted garment to give some inspiration on what to knit next.  You will see that I wear a lot of knitted things...and always a shawl as accessory.
So my request to you is to stay loyal to my blog, but also to check out my Facebook page.
Knit With Doris Discover Your Inner Knitter


This week I finally finished the shawl I was working on for The Knitting Garage at Stickles.
I had started end of January on this in the beautiful Hedgehog Fibers Skinny Single (100% Merino) and Hedgehog Fibres Kidsilk Lace (70% Goat-Mohair and 30% Silk).
To be fair I only started on it for real two months later due to a surgery on my hand and travel and even then you must remember that I work on store samples only during down time while working at the shop.  To be honest, this could be excellent TV knitting as you get used to the repetitive knitting.
What makes this shawl stand out in my opinion is the switch between the two yarns with the Merino appearing more solid and the Kidsilk more ethereal. 
The other fascinating thing about this shawl is its shape. once you reach a certain number of stitches you stop increasing and shift the center stitch of the chevron all the way to the end of the row thus making a straight line here and voila:  you have a triangle!
Click here for my extensive notes on ravelry:  Birds Of a Feather

Do you see where my needle is?! The bind off will be in line with one edge :)


It seems that other designers have used this clever trick, too.  To name but a few
Laura Aylor in her pattern Rift. 

And also Tammy Gore in her pattern The Drifter.

It is a truly beautiful piece, but if you are intimidated by the sheer size of it, please note that you can knit up a smaller version as done by Lino on ravelry.


I have also been working on the shawl "Take It All" by Lisa Hannes.
This one, too, ends up being more triangular due to the final section of short rows :)
After section Seven you have an asymmetrical triangle.  Then you add an appendix of short rows thus making a shift to almost symmetry.

The hardest part with this shawl was for me to choose the colors, but then I used colors as close to the ones one of our customers used.  These are colors a little out of my usual color palette, but they make me smile every time I look at them.
You can use one to eight contrasting colors.  I went with the eight and bought unicorn tails for each contrasting color ( Hint:  The knitting Garage has lot us of them to choose from!). 
Check this shawl out here:   Take It All