Thursday, February 22, 2018

On a Knitting Break

I am presently not knitting.
Why you may ask (although some of you know).
I had a small surgery on my right thumb three weeks ago. It seems to take longer to heal than anticipated.  Well, I thought I would have full range of motion after a couple of days...and in any case even one day is one day too many for any knitter.
Knitters are usually patient people except when it comes to not being able to knit the things we like which in my case is lace, socks ...small intricate things...

But I have spent my time looking at patterns and found one I am truly intrigued by.  It is made up of simple squares.  The possibilities of how to arrange the squares into a pattern are seemingly endless (click on the link below the picture to see the free pattern on ravelry):

Pathways Blanket

And I bought an Anniversary kit from my favorite NC Yarn store, The Salty Sheep:

Kit for The Drifter

And I am now all set to start on my "Take All That" shawl with eight CC.

Set for the Take It All Shawl

I am also very close to finish knitting Bristol Ivy's "Tealeaf Sweater".  I even got up extra early the day of surgery to finish the lace sections on the sleeves.  All I have to do now is finish the sleeves and pick up stitches and knit the collar.

Tealeaf Sweater

For additional PT I have knitted a simple washcloth on #9 needles, a couple of rows at a time.

Well, now you know why you have not heard from me for a bit.
I am healing and will check back middle of March. 
Until then I am leaving for a trip to warmer climates, perhaps sun and relaxation can speed things up. :)

For more reading, here are some diary entries:

Day of Surgery
I knew I wouldn't be able to knit for a bit following a small surgery on my right thumb (nothing too serious). So I made sure to get up extra early (6am) to finish the lace sections on the sleeves of my Tealeaf Sweater.

Day One of Not Knitting
I cannot help to at least be THINKING about knitting, so I post about the Knitting Garage Birds of a Feather KAL on my blog and Facebook page.
I also add a frame to my Facebook page profile picture.

Day Three of Not Knitting
I browse Knitting Sites and Pages on Facebook and see that my favorite yarn shop in NC , The Salty Sheep in Swansboro, has its 10th Anniversary and text Peggy (the owner) to find out if  I can order their adorable Anniversary kit (project bag, yarn and pattern). .

Day Four of Not Knitting
I browse patterns and find this amazing Blanket pattern, Pathways, and post on Facebook.  Dreaming about making that one. Perhaps as a take on the road project as a change from Sock knitting.  You only knit small squares in an easy to remember pattern for this blanket.  The real fun starts when you seam them all together...the possible variations seem infinite.

Day Five of Not Knitting
Put in my order for the Anniversary kit from The Salty Sheep treating myself to the kit, perhaps someone else to the finished shawl; we'll see.
Even when I am not knitting myself, I can appreciate someone else's knitting.  The KAL at the Knitting Garage is coming along nicely and I am itching to re-join it. I share Leah's progress picture of the Birds of a Feather KAL. She is ready to start section 4, lace, which is my favorite type of knitting...oooohhhh, lace......

Day Seven of Not Knitting
My other queued shawl, Take it All needs one more Unicorn Tail color.  
I order the missing color, Edison Bulb, from a fellow raveller's stash.  Two other colors were in my stash already and I bought five at The Knitting Garage a week ago. Now I can start with this as soon as I feel up to knitting again.

Also getting bandages removed!  Yeah!!

Day Nine of Not Knitting
Starting my own PT in addition the the exercises given to me and start knitting a simple washcloth on #9 needles to get my fingers nimble. It seems harder than it should be; I will need to exercise patience with myself.

Day Ten of Not Knitting
Both packages of yarn arrive.  The kit from The Salty Sheep as well as the Unicorn Tail.  Breathing in the yarn and making plans, dreaming of knitting.

Day Eleven of Not Knitting
Finished the washcloth, but not starting anything else for now.

Day Twelve of Not Knitting
Giving a Class to a group of young beginner knitters and keep the hands-on to a minimum.  Making plans for classes starting mid-March.

Day Fourteen of Not Knitting
Giving one private lesson to a dear friend.  But that one hour is it for today.

And so on it goes.....


Thursday, February 1, 2018





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You can order yarn right off the web page or come into the store to pick your own combo.

Set-up section finished