Friday, November 18, 2016

What's on my needles??? (week #122 )

Pssst,'s a secret

With all the holiday knitting going on right now,  I cannot really share what I am working on , but I can tell you about the shop sample I am knitting up:

The Building Blocks Shawl by Stephen West 

(click on the link for the pattern)

I am only working on this while I am at the shop, so it will take a while, but I can tell you that this is a fun and easy knit while at the same time a shawl construction different from anything I have knitted before.
I am really happy with the four yarns I choose and with the way they blend together at times and contrast each other in other sections.  Each yarn will have their moment to "shine" as each yarn will be knitted at some time in a larger amount and  be shown off in its full beauty in different sections :)
My yarn choices: 
Color A:  Knitting Garage Fingering Weight Yarn color "Purple Pop"
Color B: Madeline Tosh Twist Light color "Flashdance"
Color C : Hedgehog Fibers Sock color "Aroma"
Color D : Madeline Tosh Light color "Sand Dune"

Humble beginnings...actually I am a bit further than that; may add a photo after Saturday :)

And here you are Sat. 11.19. (a few more rows)

I am almost finished with the "week 1 clues".  
Here is a link to my pattern notes on ravelry: Strickliese's Building Block Shawl, but here is also a picture of a finished shawl knitted by someone else (Francieos on ravelry).
One of the many color combinations knitters have come up with and finished.
Also a quick word about my classes:
There are spots available in all of my classes.  I want to apologize to anyone who emailed me and did not get a response.  I have had problems with my email, bundling emails so they do not appear to be new responses or even filing them in spam.  It seems to be all sorted now, but if you don't hear from me within a day or two, please email or text again.  Thank you!!!


Friday, November 4, 2016


I have come up with some very simple classes for the next six weeks, but don't worry, there will be more intricate fun ones after the holidays.


      Six weeks of Quick Projects     
These are two-hour self-contained classes to get you started on a quick project.  If you need additional help, you can come into the shop for help at no extra charge.  The classes are limited to three students each and do not include materials.  Class fee is $50.
To accommodate everyone, I offer the classes on Tuesdays 12-2pm at The Kitting Garage and Wednesdays 6-8pm at my home in Tivoli.

Wham Bam THank you Lamb (Beginner)Quick and easy cowl knit flat and then seamed askew for a special look.
Tues 11.8. Wedn 11.9.                            Materials:  120 yards of bulky yarn and US#13 needles.

Sitckles Cowl (Intermediate) This pattern was written for our shop and is a lovely project to learn color work.
Tues 11.15. Wedn 11.16.                  Materials: Depending on length 1-2 skeins Madeline Tosh Merino for MC plus 1 skein for CC

The simplest hat (Beginner) This hat is knitted flat, and then seamed.
Tues 11.22. Wedn 11.23.                  Materials : 1 skein Cascade 128 and US# 10 needles

Warmest Mittens(Intermediate) These mittens are knitted in simple stst; you will learn increases and knitting in the round.
Tues 11.29. Wedn 11.30.                        Materials: 170-200 yds worsted weight yarn and US# 5 needles (either DPNs or 2 circular)

The simplest Fingerless Mitts (Beginner) These fingerless mitts are knitted flat, then seamed.
Tues 12.6. Wedn 12.7.                            Materials: 120 yds heavy worsted weight yarn and US# 7 needles

Simple Hat(Intermediate)This is your basic hat, knitted in the round.
You have a choice of three different weights of yarn.
Tues 12.13. Wedn 12.14.                        Materials: 45-181 yds of yarn depending on weight (DK, Worsted, Bulky) and US# 5,7 or 10 needles.
                                                                Please note, there is an additional charge of $5 for the pattern (the pattern is usually $6).

Please e-mail me at for more information and to sign up. 
Thank you and Happy Knitting!



My Doodler is finished !!! (121)

Remember the Doodler I was working on during the Sheep and Wool Festival and even while Stephen West (the designer of that very pattern) was stopping by at The Knitting Garage?


I finished it on Tuesday !!!

I wrote extensive notes on ravelry if you care to read them, you can click here:  Strickliese's Doodler

I had a lot of fun doodling :)
It all started with me wanting to use up some stash yarn.

These were the original three colors I wanted to use

However that just did not look right and I bought an additional skein (the Madeline Tosh).  So much for using up stash!

I love how it came out.  Granted, I still need to block it, but meanwhile I will wear it for a little while unblocked ;)

Thank you so much to Ben and Gracie's in Red Hook, NY, who let me use their mannequin :)
She looks mighty fine in my shawl, doesn't she?!