Friday, November 4, 2016

My Doodler is finished !!! (121)

Remember the Doodler I was working on during the Sheep and Wool Festival and even while Stephen West (the designer of that very pattern) was stopping by at The Knitting Garage?


I finished it on Tuesday !!!

I wrote extensive notes on ravelry if you care to read them, you can click here:  Strickliese's Doodler

I had a lot of fun doodling :)
It all started with me wanting to use up some stash yarn.

These were the original three colors I wanted to use

However that just did not look right and I bought an additional skein (the Madeline Tosh).  So much for using up stash!

I love how it came out.  Granted, I still need to block it, but meanwhile I will wear it for a little while unblocked ;)

Thank you so much to Ben and Gracie's in Red Hook, NY, who let me use their mannequin :)
She looks mighty fine in my shawl, doesn't she?!


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