Thursday, August 31, 2017

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I AM BACK !!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I spent the last two weeks with family who came to visit from overseas.
What a wonderful time we all had!
You may wonder why everyone is raising their hand.  The question was " who received a hand-knitted gift from Doris".

:) Siblings, Cousins, Spouses, Sons and Daughters :)

Now I can reveal all the things I had knitted for the occasion:
A sweater for our son's 30th:

Birthday Sweater

Slippers for my sister-in-laws and me:

Slippers for the family

Washcloths for everyone including our landlady/ Airbnb host, wonderful Maureen:

Washcloths for everyone

For what says " love" better than something handmade. 💕❤️
I had more pictures to share, but my cloud is full and my phone died....

 As always, do click on the links under the pictures for more information.