Thursday, July 19, 2018

My latest (almost) FO

I have been working on the Novel T by Laura Nelkin for the past month.
With all of the knitting done, I just need to block it and am looking forward to wearing it :)

This is a very interesting construction, knitted sideways in one piece starting from the right sleeve.
Side lace panels bring it all together; no seaming.  There are some great video tutorials by the Grocery Girls for this and I have learned some new things.
I like this different approach to seamless knitting and had a lot of fun with it.
It was definitely engaging, but at the same time simple (TV) knitting.

A special Thank You, too, to Laura Nelkin for her encouraging words in the comment section of my ravelry project.
Rather than duplicating all I have said about this project here, go to ravelry and read my notes there.
(I even made a short video showing how to undo your provisional cast on easily).
  Click here : Strickliese's Novel T 

Perhaps you will want to start your own Novel T :) 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Learning from the amazing Ann Budd

Last Thursday I had another opportunity to learn from Ann Budd.
I love learning something new, don't you?!

PBYS hosted Ann to give a couple of workshops.
I attended the Intro to Sweater Design from 5-8pm.
It has been 45 years since I learned the basics from a friend and made a couple of sweaters with set in sleeves at the time and later for my children.
I thought it may be time to have a fresh new look and guidance from an expert.

Here are the two sweaters I made in the early seventies:

And in the late eighties:


Ann focused in her class on how to design a sweater with modified dropped shoulder ( page 38 in her Book of Sweater Patterns).
She taught us several formulas to use; one specifically fascinating formula by Cheryl Brunette which helps you determine the placement for increases or decreases.
I am not going to get into the details here, but just want to wet your appetite to take this class if you are given the chance.
If you are thinking to get either or both of Ann Budd's Sweater Design Books it is best to get them right off her website (better for Ann, too):
Ann Budd Knits