Friday, February 24, 2017

Socks and Summer Tops (128)

This is going to be a little brief as I am working from a different device but just have to share with you about my latest knitting adventures.


I just finished these socks for my husband, playing around a little with color.  These are knitted up again in CoBaSi, a yarn which wears really well; the cotton/Bamboo/Linen blend feels lovely on his feet.  Tony had picked out the gray and I added red which I had left over from a previous pair of socks for the toes and the heel.  In the end I decided to add a little in the final cuff ribbing.  Here is a link to my notes on ravelry:

Summer top

I am also working on a Summer top.  In my desire to use up stash yarn, I am combining two lace weight yarns to have a heavier fingering weight to use for the Ceasura Tuck by Asa Tricosa. The yarns are Artesano Silk Lace which I had bought in the little wool shop in Formby (UK) two years ago and the Juniper Moon Farm Findley.
I started on this last week during one of the snow storms and it turned out to be the perfect project to sink my teeth in and learn a few new tricks while thinking of Summer and the warmer weather.
One problem I ran into is that you have to decide pretty much in the beginning whether or not you want a deeper neckline.  I added two inches in depth and have second thoughts about it now.  I put lifelines in the rows I definitely want to keep and am deciding if I want to cut , unravel and then Kitchener stitch.
It is a really nice pattern but I thought the neckline was a little too high and you are given choices in the pattern.
One thing I am certain of is that I will not unravel everything and re-start...
Again, here are more extensive notes and you can follow my progress on ravelry.

Until next time; hopefully by then my computer is running properly again and I don't have to borrow my husband's laptop.

2.28. UPDATE:  I worked the left front and joined the left and right fronts, then tried it on and I am very pleased to say that the neckline comes to just below my collar bones which is a perfect fit :)  So, no more fretting, but I am just happily continuing (of course there is still the issue of whether or not I need bigger armholes...).   And on another issue: yes, my PC works fine again ! :)


Friday, February 10, 2017

Rolling, rolling, rolling... (127)

I seem to be on a roll

Remember my "Candle Flame Scarf" pattern was translated into French.  Soon after that I received an inquiry for permission to translate it into Danish!!  I will keep you posted about that.  
In the meantime, if you speak the language, check out Marianne's website here:
And a link directly to other patterns she translated into Danish:

In other news

I had come to like the yarn shop "The Good Wool Shop" in my husband's hometown when we last visited there a little under two years ago.  I connected with the owner, Isabel, especially because we had a German connection as she lived there for several years with her husband teaching at one of the universities.  When he transferred to Liverpool, she opened the shop, but has to close this month after just two years as it was just not profitable.  She has some great sales going on, but is closing on the 18th of this month.  Stop by if you can!  She has some great British yarns in stock!!! Here is her website:


This is what I love about the knitting community:  You can connect regardless of Nationality, Language etc, etc

<3This brings me to wish you all a very happy Valentine's Day <3