Thursday, June 25, 2015

What's on my needles (week 69)

I finished my Leftie shawl!


This is my (almost) finished shawl using Martina Behm's pattern "Leftie".
In the end I had enough of the MC yarn for 29 leaves which I thought pretty amazing considering that I only had 436 yards of MC yarn and used a slightly bigger needle (Size US# 2 1/2 instead of Size US# 2). The yarn I used for the MC is the Artesano Definition Sock Yarn I had bought at The Good Wool Shop in Formby, England last April.
All the rest of the yarns are remnants from previous projects (mine and others) and I used a different left over yarn for each leaf.  I tried to remember which projects all the left over yarns came from, but drew a blank on some.  You can see a list in my pattern notes on ravelry here:
I finished this last Saturday, but have to admit (very sheepishly at that) that I still have to weave in all the yarn ends.  I hid them as best as I could to show off my shawl to you:
HINT:  If you are using your smartphone and cannot open the video, try opening it on my fb page


If you want to use your left over yarns for something special, this is the pattern for you!  I suggest the "Wildfoote" Sock yarn by Brown Sheep which we sell at Stickles for the MC.  You would need three skeins,  but could make a slightly shorter shawl with just two.   And if you don't have any leftover yarns you can buy 4-5  Madeline Tosh Unicorn Tails for your own spectacular Leftie Shawl.




Friday, June 19, 2015

What's on my needles (week 68)

At The Knitting Garage

 The Summer Wrap is finished.

This is a quick and easy knit and makes a lovely summer shawl for those cool summer nights or when you are in an air-conditioned room and need just a little something to cover your neck.

The yarn comes in many pretty colors

Here is Donna's shawl; it looks so pretty in this color, too.

Boxy Lacy Top Class

Sylvia and I had a great time last Saturday and although her head may have been spinning at the end of it, taking in all the new lace stitches she learned, I think she is very inspired by the project and will look stunning in the white top she is knitting up.

This is how far I got on the top I am knitting.  Remember, I am knitting both front and back at the same time.

At Home

Last week I was sharing about how worried I was to figure out whether or not I have enough yarn.  I just finished the 28th leaf and I have enough MC yarn left for one (possibly shorter) section and will finish with a pink-orange colored leaf.
I should have it done by next week and am planning to post a list of where all the leftover yarns came from ;)


Thursday, June 11, 2015

What's on my needles (week 67)

At The Knitting Garage

Store sample

Every time I wear my Summer Wrap shawl, I am asked about the pattern.  So I thought that it is time to knit one up for the store especially since we have the perfect yarn for it:  The Lana Grossa Linea Pura California.  This yarn comes in so many pretty colors, you will decide to knit up more than one of these. This yarn is 80% Cotton and 20% Silk and feels incredibly luxurious; perfect to wear even on the hottest summer day.
Already one customer / knitterly friend, Donna, started on her shawl as a confidence booster project and walked home with five repeats finished (six row repeats). 
This is an easy pattern knitted on US#10.5 needles with just two skeins of the yarn.
The pattern is in the book "Gifted: Lovely Little Things to Knit and Crochet"
by Mags Kandis and is easily available from your local library.

Summer Wrap

 This week's class

Lacy Layered tops seem very popular this summer..
That is why I am offering two classes :  One for the beginner and one for the more advanced knitter.

This lacy top is in the latest pompom booklet and would knit up very well in the Shibui Linen
 This is the boxy lace top I will  be giving instructions to in my Saturday class this Saturday (June 13).

 I am knitting one of these for my daughter-in-law and decided to use two techniques a little different:
  1. I used the long tail cast on with two strands of yarn, I had mentioned this method previously, but here is a refresher:  Long Tail Cast On without the tail.  The nice thing about this method is that you do not need to calculate how long the tail should be and don't waste any yarn.
  2. I am knitting the two pieces (front and back) at the same time.  This is my preferred method whenever I have to make two identical pieces such as two socks, two mittens, two sleeves etc. I mark the RS of the pieces.  The first to be worked when on the RS I mark in green and the second to be worked when on the RS I mark in orange.
1 1/2 inches of garter stitch completed.

Sample piece of the four different lace sections.
SIZING:  This is a boxy loose fitting top (one size fits all) , but I have changed the sizing for Sylvia who will be taking the class and wants it a little more fitted and for Rachel to have it a little more loose.  I did check with the designer about the gauge.  The 4.5 sts per inch is the gauge in st st, but the finished gauge after blocking your pieces is closer to 3.7 sts per inch.
For more information read my notes on ravery:

There are many patterns out there for this kind of garment.  Here is another one which is for the confident beginner :) :
 Siesta Tee.  We carry both suggested yarns at the shop:  Trendsetter Lino and Cascade Ultra Pima.

At Home

Ready to mail

I am ready to mail the baby blanket, bonnet and shawl!



With the gifts out of the way, I am working on the Leftie full steam ahead.
I want to use each yarn just once and have the color changes gradually.
Most of the yarns are from my stash with a couple of exceptions.

This yarn was too thick.  Since it is a 4-ply yarn I am changed it into a 3-ply.

This yarn (left over from my sister's shawl) was bleeding a lot, so I set the color by soaking it in a water/ vinegar solution and now hope for the best that it will no longer run

Loving it so far

I have realized a little problem with this.  The pattern calls for 130g in the Wollmeise Pure for the MC which is 497 yards.  I have 437 yards and so far I used close to half of it after 19 leaves.  It is a little tricky now to decide on the color sequence if I want to finish it once I run out of yarn, but I will keep weighing how much I am using and will decide as I go along.  There are some who knitted this project with just 26 leaf repeats instead of 29.
Another solution would be to ask Isabel at the Good Wool Shop to mail another skein.
A third solution, if I want to have the 29 leaves, is to flip the colors and start making the leaves in the MC and the stripes in between in the CC.  I will see how it plays out best.

Friday, June 5, 2015

What's on my needles (week 66)

At The Knitting Garage


I hope you have had a chance to look over the classes offered this summer. 
There should be something for everyone.  If you would like to learn something you don't see listed here, you can always set up an appointment for a private lesson.

The first class is for the Easy Boxy Lace Top.  This is very cute layered with any color T-shirt.  You will want to make more than one for yourself and others.  This class can be taken by anyone who knows the basics of knitting (i.e. cast-on, knit, purl, bind off).
The class will be held both on Wednesday, June 10th and Saturday, June 13th.  There is a limit of three participants per class and you must sign up prior to the class.  So far I have one person who signed up for the Saturday Class.
I will be knitting this up for my daughter-in-law.  She will be stopping by this weekend to choose the yarn.

Easy Boxy Lace Top

Country Living Fair

If you are planning to go to the Country Living Fair this weekend, make sure to stop by Leah Stickle's stand; she has a lovely selection of goods from both AL Stickles and The Knitting Garage

At Home

I have finished two projects and made good headway on one.

Owl Square (Finished!)

My local library in Tivoli is working on a wall hanging.  Most squares are hooked, some knitted, felted and crochet.  I volunteered to make one square and last Monday I added it to the canvas next to the water tower.
I used stash yarn for this.  First I crochet a 4"x 4" square on a size 7 (1.65mm) crochet hook.  Then I embroidered the moon and tree branches.  Last I knitted an owl on US#6 needles, sewed on button eyes and let him sit on the branch.

Knit Your Love Shawl (finished!)

I finished the shawl for my sister last Tuesday.  Now it is blocked and ready to be mailed.  Her birthday is only in another two months, but I want to mail it with the baby blanket and bonnet.
So far everybody I have shown it to is head over heels with it and I hope my sister will like it as much, after all it is her favorite color.

Leftie (15 leaves done!!!)

With the Knit Your Love Shawl finished, I got back to working on the Leftie.  I am having SO MUCH FUN deciding on all the colors.  My goal is to have each color just once.  I have a lot of left over yarns and also found some samples which have more than enough for one stripe and leave as you just need a couple of yards.  Some friends have given me some yarn, too (thank you, Deborah!) which is great.
deciding what to use next

some yarn samples and one unicorn tail

so far so beautiful!
I want to add some of the left over yarn from the red shawl I just finished, but noticed that the color bleeds a lot.  Can you imagine how devastating it would be to have the red run into the white and other colors?! 
I decide to go for it anyway taking two precautions: 
  • I will soak the yarn in a vinegar solution prior to knitting to set the color more.
  • When I need to wash the shawl I will use the color catcher sheets I just heard about from a good friend of mine.
By default I already had to try out the color catcher sheets:  As I was moving some boxes at The Knitting Garage (looking for bits of left over sock yarn weight yarns some of the dye of the boxes rubbed off onto my sweater and shawl.  I washed it immediately with one of those sheets and it all came off.
Before ( see the red stains?!)


Monday, June 1, 2015

Class schedule this summer

Class Schedule
at The Knitting Garage
Some fun projects for both the beginner knitter and for those who want to do something a little more advanced.
For more detailed information on the patterns you can click on the title of the classes.
These classes give an excellent opportunity for some bonding time with your children this summer (Minimum age 8 years).

Individual Projects:
*       These classes are held on Wednesday mornings 10am to 12noon and then on the following Saturday from 10am to 12noon (dates are indicated below). 
*       The cost of $40 per class includes the pattern unless otherwise indicated and any additional help you need to finish the project. 
*       All classes are for a maximum of three students per class to insure individual attention.
*       Prior sign-up is necessary for all classes. 
*       Discounts: * 15% discount if you sign up for all five sessions “Learn to Knit”.
                   * 10% discount if you sign up for two or more classes.
                    * 10% family discount.

Easy Boxy Lace Top
June 10th and 13th             Easy Boxy Lace Top (for the Beginner Lace Knitter)
You will learn simple lace stitches and how to seam.  This garment is a one size fits all layering piece knitted flat.
You will need approximately 500 yards of DK weight yarn (I suggest Cascade Sunseeker); more yarn is needed if you want to make the top longer. You also need one US # 8 needle.

learn to knit Pillow Case

June 17th and 20th                Learn to Knit Pillow Session 1 (No previous knowledge required)
You will learn how to cast on and how to work the knit stitch.
You will need 150-300 yards of heavy worsted weight yarn depending on if you just want to knit one or both sides of the cover (I suggest Cascade Aran or Simpliworsted by Hikoo) and a US# 9 needle.  You will also need a 14”x 14” pillow insert.
Not a Sandy Bottom Beach Bag

June 24th and 27th                Beach Bag “Not A Sandy Bottom” (For the beginner knitter with fundamental knowledge)
You will learn to knit in the round on circular needles as well as DPN’s and a simple lace stitch.
You will need 360 yards of worsted weight cotton (I suggest the Cascade Avalon) and
US# 10 DPN’s and 24” circular needles and US# 8 24” circular needles.


July 8th and 11th                    Learn to Knit Pillow Session 2 (you need to know cast-on and knit stitch)
You will learn the purl stitch and how to do a gauge swatch.

Iris Tee

July 15th and 18th       Iris Tee (for the intermediate to advanced knitter) There is an additional charge of $5 for the pattern.
This top looks similar to the Boxy Lace Top, but is more fitted and has some more advanced techniques.  You will learn how to knit contiguous shoulders. This is a top-down seamless knit.
You will need 520 -1150 yards of DK weight yarn (such as Cascade Pima Cotton or any of our other cotton and cotton blend yarns; check out the Lana Grossa yarns) and US# 4 16”or 24” circular needle.

Learn To Knit Pillow Cover
July 22nd and 25th                 Learn to Knit Pillow Session 3 (you need to know cast–on, the knit and purl stitches)
You will review how to cast on or learn an alternate method depending on your comfort level.
You will learn how to knit an eyelet row.
I will also explain how to block your finished first square.

Candle Flame Scarf

July 29th and August 1st       Candle Flame Scarf (for the intermediate knitter)
You will learn to knit up this popular pattern (my own design) into a wider summer shawl.  I will go over how to change the pattern to fit your desired outcome with each one of you individually.
You will need at least 360 yards of Sport weight yarn or any other weight in a fiber of your choice and US# 6 or larger.
Learn To Knit Pillow Cover

August 5th and 8th                 Learn to Knit Pillow Session 4 (you need to know cast –on, the knit and purl stitches)
You will learn how to knit cables.
You will need a cable needle additionally to your other materials.

August 19th and 22nd            Finishing your Pillow cover Session 5 (you will need to have both squares finished)
You will need to have both squares finished and blocked and bring the squares as well as your pillow insert to class.
You will learn two methods of seaming the cover together:  The mattress stitch and a crochet edging.

Private Lessons are also offered at $35 per hour at your convenience.
There will be a price change to $40 per hour from September 1st.

E-Mail or Call me to sign up.