Thursday, June 25, 2015

What's on my needles (week 69)

I finished my Leftie shawl!


This is my (almost) finished shawl using Martina Behm's pattern "Leftie".
In the end I had enough of the MC yarn for 29 leaves which I thought pretty amazing considering that I only had 436 yards of MC yarn and used a slightly bigger needle (Size US# 2 1/2 instead of Size US# 2). The yarn I used for the MC is the Artesano Definition Sock Yarn I had bought at The Good Wool Shop in Formby, England last April.
All the rest of the yarns are remnants from previous projects (mine and others) and I used a different left over yarn for each leaf.  I tried to remember which projects all the left over yarns came from, but drew a blank on some.  You can see a list in my pattern notes on ravelry here:
I finished this last Saturday, but have to admit (very sheepishly at that) that I still have to weave in all the yarn ends.  I hid them as best as I could to show off my shawl to you:
HINT:  If you are using your smartphone and cannot open the video, try opening it on my fb page


If you want to use your left over yarns for something special, this is the pattern for you!  I suggest the "Wildfoote" Sock yarn by Brown Sheep which we sell at Stickles for the MC.  You would need three skeins,  but could make a slightly shorter shawl with just two.   And if you don't have any leftover yarns you can buy 4-5  Madeline Tosh Unicorn Tails for your own spectacular Leftie Shawl.




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