Saturday, August 31, 2019


i recently shared this on my Facebook page and want to post it here, too, as I know that not everyone follows me on Facebook.
It is a simple post, close to my heart about love and knitting and people and memories...
It is about this shawl: Kleio

It brings life and happiness to an otherwise boring outfit.
It also always makes me think of several people who mean a lot to me:
Leah as she hand-dyed the bluish yarn.
Barbara as she brought back the orange yarn from vacationing in Nova Scotia.
My sons Gerry and Richard and others who were born in August as the yarn was sold at the planetarium and named for the constellation “Leo”.
My vacation in Venice where I bought the red yarn last year on route to Croatia where Tony and I met up with my sister and her husband for two weeks.
Do you have any such garment which fills you up with love and memories?