Thursday, January 30, 2014

What's on my needles now

At The Knitting Garage at AL Stickle

First let me tell you what's off my needles.  I finished one of the store samples:  VERSE is completed and looking very pretty:

I am now spending more time to complete the FORTUNE"S WHEEL
A few people asked me about the yarn I am using.  I explained a little about the Dyelot yarn stimulus package last week.  Let me show you how it is sold:
When you buy the yarn you actually get six smaller skeins of different fiber yarn all dyed in similar colors.  Your total yardage is 672 yards, enough to make this or other one skein projects.

Right now I am working with the fine mohair yarn :

At home

I finished my "BEELINE" and I am wearing it now.  It came out nice.  I must say that I was very uncertain if it would fit properly and I tried it on so many times.  It is supposed to be a loose fit and I think I got it right :)  ...more or less.  It is so much easier to knit shawls when I don't need to worry about size and fit.

It is hard to get the color right in the pictures; I will have to try and take some pictures outside in natural daylight when it is warmer ;)

I also started a new project at home.
It is called CULEBRA simple shawlette.  The pattern and yarn were a gift from Julie (who also works at the Knitting Garage).  She worked with Bijou Basin yarns during the Sheep and Wool Festival last October. I love working with the Lhasa Wilderness yarn.  It is a 75/25 Yak/Bamboo blend and incredibly soft.  The colors are a good match to many of my sweaters including the Beeline I just finished and I can't wait wearing this.  I am almost finished with the lace border and ready to start the short rows.  However I will need to make some calculations on the short rows.  I want to make the short rows a little longer so I can eliminate one or two rows.  MarlyBird (her ravelry name) told me :
I am so happy that you are making this shawlette. I just love it. A friend of mine just made another one and ran out of yarn on the very last row so be very cautious :-)I just know that when I finished the piece I literally had scrap left.

 Happy knitting until next week and stay warm!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What's on my needles

At The Knitting Garage at AL Stickle

I am working on two store samples right now.

For one project I am following a pattern called "Verse".  I was attracted to the pattern because it is a simple knit. I can be working at the register and not loose count on a complicated pattern.  You only have to know the knit stitch, purl stitch, yarn overs and two togethers.  So this is a good pattern for the beginner knitter.  The finished project can be worn many different ways; thus the name "verse" from versatile.  I choose a lighter yarn than the one suggested thinking of Spring and warmer weather while knitting this up.  The yarn I am using is the Cascade "Kid Seta Noir" which is a lovely Mohair and Silk blend with some Metal which adds a little sparkle and Nylon which gives it a little more "body memory ", making it less floppy. 
I am looking forward to the creative possibilities when I pick out the ribbon for this.
You can view the progress on ravelry here: VERSE

For the other store sample I am using a yarn called " Dyelot Yarns Stimulus Package".  This is not just a skein of yarn, but a whole concept.  You get six different small hanks of yarn in the skein.  All of them dyed in similar colors, different shades.  These are the yarns included:
Twisted: 100% Merino (103yd/2oz/57g)
Circulo: 78% Mohair, 13% Wool, 9% Nylon (94yd/2oz/57g)
Harry: 76% Mohair, 13% Wool, 11% Nylon (130yd/2oz/57g)
Deborah: 50% Silk, 50% Superfine Merino (106yd/1oz/48g)
Alpaca: 100% Superfine Alpaca (129yd/2oz/57g)
Merino: 100% Superwash Merino (108yd/2oz/57g)

You can choose from several patterns which use just one of these skeins. To see their suggested patterns (most of them free) click here:  Stimulus yarn patterns
I am working on the "Fortune's Wheel" and I love the fact that I can choose the sequence of when I use which yarn; it gives me a little room for creativity.
You can view the progress I am making on this project on ravelry here:  FORTUNE"S WHEEL

 At Home

At home I am working on a raglan sweater in a beautiful turquoise yarn I found in the clearance bin at The Knitting Garage last Fall.  I was able to buy five skeins of the Ella Rae worsted.  I decided on a top down raglan construction, because that gives me the chance to shorten the body and/ or sleeves if I don't have enough yarn.  I also wanted a simple sweater for everyday wear with which I can wear my shawls  (I love making and wearing shawls).
Until the holidays I was so busy with gifts that I waited until earlier this month to start on "Beeline" by Heidi Kirrmaier.  I am working on this as much as I can just to see how far the yarn will take me.  I finished the body to the point where I could do the ribbing and bind off, but left it on my cables to see if I can make it a little longer.  Instead I am now working on one of the sleeves and I am starting to relax, seeing that the sleeve is half way done and I have plenty more yarn.
You can find out more about this project in my notes on ravelry here:  BEELINE

Friday, January 17, 2014

Classes at The Knitting Garage at A.L.Stickle


Come in Saturday mornings and I will start you on a quick project to keep warm this winter.

These are individual classes held every Saturday morning from 10:30-11:30 am. 
Snowdate:  If the class has to be cancelled, it will be made up the following Tuesday 1-2pm.
The skill level for these classes is beginner/ intermediate.  Sign up quickly, classes are limited to four participants.

Saturday 1.25.  Quick and simple cowl in a bulky weight yarn on US size13 circular needles.  You’ll be able to wear this to work on Monday.  This is done in a plain Stockinette stitch.  This is a great first-time project or to get back into knitting.
Saturday 2.1.  Simple Lace Cowl.  We will be using Amanda Berka’s pattern “Later Gator” in a DK weight yarn (120 yards) on US size 6 needles.  A good first Lace project.
Saturday 2.8.  Trendsetter Hat.  Have you seen the store sample?  Let me get you started on this super-cute hat. The hat kit is only $15!

Saturday 2.15.  Moebius Cowl.  I will teach you the moebius cast- on for this cool eternity scarf.  We will follow a simple pattern or you can design your own. You can choose any yarn.
Saturday 2.22.  Classic Cabled Cowl.  We will be using the pattern by Creative Design in a Super Bulky yarn (108 yards)on US size 11 straight needles.

Saturday 3.1. Cabled Head Band (my own pattern).  This is a popular free pattern.  You will need worsted weight yarn (about 75 yards) and US size 8 straight needles. You will learn the provisional cast on and Kitchener stitch.

Saturday 3.8. A Simple hat in a bulky weight yarn (my own pattern). This hat is knitted flat then sewn together for those of you who are not yet ready to knit in the round. You need 85-100 yards and US size 10 straight needles.

Saturday3.15. Legwarmers.  We will be using “Fisherman’s Pose” by L.Gordon-Norman in worsted weight yarn (380-450 yards)on US size 5 and6 needles.  I will also teach you how to knit leg warmers in any weight yarn.

Tuesday 2.4. - Tuesday 2.28 (four weeks) 2:30-3:30pm Beginners knitting class

All Saturday classes are $30 for the instructions for one or two participants, $25 for three or four participants.
The Tuesday class for beginners is $95 for one or two participants, $75 for three or four participants.
Materials are extra and you are advised to come ½ early to purchase them.
Classes are limited to four participants.

Please e-mail me to sign up and also with special requests for classes you would like to see offered.
Private lessons
The  cost for private lessons at The Knitting Garage at AL Stickle is $35/ hour.
 For private lessons held at your convenience call or e-mail to schedule an appointment.

Knitting classes and Private Instructions at A.L.Stickles in Rhinebeck 
By Doris Formby (

Friday, January 10, 2014

What I have been up to knitwise

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It seems ages since my last post, so let's catch up :)

Last month I knitted up a storm at home getting some gifts ready.
     I finished knitting a pair of socks for my husband (Toe-up Socks by Anne Berk),
knitted a pair of socks for my son Gerry (with the nice yarn I got at the OBX) I combined two patterns: Basic socks a la Jeanne and afterthought heel, a hat for his wife (Kilter by Alexandra Tinsley), a golf-club cover for Richard loosely based on the pattern Pointy Elf Hat by Joelle Hoverson, a moebius cowl for his friend, and flip top mitts for Matthew combining two patterns : Simply ribbed fingerless mitts and Flip Flop Flip Top mittens . You can click on any of the links for more information on the projects.

At The Knitting Garage in Rhinebeck I also knitted in-between customers, lessons and classes.
I knitted a Christmas Stocking and a beautiful cowl , Cite by Anne Hanson out of a cashmere/ silk blend yarn (You only need one skein).

Since then I crocheted another cowl , Crocheted Moebius Cowl by Churchmouse for the store to show off this beautiful glittery yarn and I started on a scarf/ cowl, "Verse" by Alexandra Tinsley.  This is  a simple knit which can be worn in many ways, very clever.

And I have not been idle at home.  I finally used up a sock yarn I received years ago as a gift knitting a beautiful crescent shaped shawl, Wedgewood by Jen Lucas. I made mittens , Warmest Mittens by Kris Percival for myself and I almost finished a buttery soft shawl by Josephine Scimeca using a beautiful hand-spun Cashmere Yarn we sell at The Knitting Garage and which my husband surprised me with :).

I hope that you, too, are busy with your knitting, letting beautiful yarns glide through your fingers. I hope that you may have gained some inspiration from my post.  
For those of you who live close by and are eagerly awaiting a new class schedule:
Classes will start at the end of this month and I will post a schedule shortly.

Keep warm.