Thursday, January 30, 2014

What's on my needles now

At The Knitting Garage at AL Stickle

First let me tell you what's off my needles.  I finished one of the store samples:  VERSE is completed and looking very pretty:

I am now spending more time to complete the FORTUNE"S WHEEL
A few people asked me about the yarn I am using.  I explained a little about the Dyelot yarn stimulus package last week.  Let me show you how it is sold:
When you buy the yarn you actually get six smaller skeins of different fiber yarn all dyed in similar colors.  Your total yardage is 672 yards, enough to make this or other one skein projects.

Right now I am working with the fine mohair yarn :

At home

I finished my "BEELINE" and I am wearing it now.  It came out nice.  I must say that I was very uncertain if it would fit properly and I tried it on so many times.  It is supposed to be a loose fit and I think I got it right :)  ...more or less.  It is so much easier to knit shawls when I don't need to worry about size and fit.

It is hard to get the color right in the pictures; I will have to try and take some pictures outside in natural daylight when it is warmer ;)

I also started a new project at home.
It is called CULEBRA simple shawlette.  The pattern and yarn were a gift from Julie (who also works at the Knitting Garage).  She worked with Bijou Basin yarns during the Sheep and Wool Festival last October. I love working with the Lhasa Wilderness yarn.  It is a 75/25 Yak/Bamboo blend and incredibly soft.  The colors are a good match to many of my sweaters including the Beeline I just finished and I can't wait wearing this.  I am almost finished with the lace border and ready to start the short rows.  However I will need to make some calculations on the short rows.  I want to make the short rows a little longer so I can eliminate one or two rows.  MarlyBird (her ravelry name) told me :
I am so happy that you are making this shawlette. I just love it. A friend of mine just made another one and ran out of yarn on the very last row so be very cautious :-)I just know that when I finished the piece I literally had scrap left.

 Happy knitting until next week and stay warm!

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