Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best Wishes for 2015

I am wishing you a safe and happy transition into the New Year !

Wishes for Health, Happiness and Prosperity in the coming year.

When you think about your New Year's resolutions, think about adding something new to learn.  Learning and growing should never become stagnant; there is so much to absorb...

Of course knitting can be one of the challenges you may want to look at (this wouldn't be a knitting blog, if I didn't needle you on with this).

If you are not a knitter, think about learning to knit or crochet; especially if you don't use your hands much at work.  Learning to do a tactile art-form may help you to feel more balanced in yourself (yes, discover that Inner Knitter!)

If you already knit, think about expanding your knowledge and ability.  Learn to knit in the round, knit lace, knit fair isle, brioche...

Whatever you end up doing in the new year, don't forget that life is supposed to be enJOYable, so put aside your worries some times during each day and have FUN.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas

May the spirit of the Season live on in your hearts throughout the coming year.
Which better way to show you care, than giving a handcrafted gift.  
Here are some of the projects I have worked on:
comment:  "look at your lovely present"
Comment:  "It's beautiful!!!! Thank you!"

Angel ornaments

Susie Rodger's Reading Mitts
comment:  "WOW, you made these?!"


Big Chunky Comfy Hat           

Another pair of Road trip Socks 

Basic Sock by Churchmouse Yarns

comment:  "Wow, these fit much better than store bought!"

Marsan Watchcap

Pinwheel Spa Cloth

Thursday, December 18, 2014

What's on my needles (week 46)

At The Knitting Garage

I am still working on the simple cowl in the beautiful
HiKoo by skacel Simplinatural.  The only reason for only having knitted a little more than half is that the shop has been really busy...and that's how I forgot to take a picture, too.  But do come in and look at it.  We actually had one customer buy the yarn and make a cowl similar to the one I am working on.  The yarn is so nice, but don't take my word for it, come in and touch it :)

At Home

I have been finishing several gifts.  Here are some pictures:

A pinwheel flower washcloth in Sugar'n cream cotton
 Here is a link to the pattern for the "Pinwheel Flower" Spa cloth:
and one in Trendsetter Lino (I had the yarn left over from the hat I made last summer)

Here is a link to the Churchmouse Basic Sock Pattern:  This is a great pattern for the beginner sock knitter and is written for two different weight yarns.  You can also purchase a hard copy of the pattern at The Knitting Garage in Rhinebeck.
I finished the toe on one sock, just have to do the other one and kitchener stitch.

I found a nice pattern for angel tree ornaments which knit up quite quickly.  I made a few already and am working on more.

This is a free pattern on ravelry:

For more of my personal pattern notes you can click here:

Thursday, December 11, 2014

What's on my needles (week 45)

At The Knitting Garage

Downton Hat

I finished the Downton Hat by Annie Cholewa in the Manos Silk and Trendsetter La Furla.  It came out really nice and turned out to be a super-easy and quick knit.  Remember, the pattern goes from Baby to Adult 2 and is free on ravelry (just click on the link above).

Now I am working on a simple cowl in the SimpliNatural by HiKoo.  This is very yummy yarn, a blend of Alpaca, Merino and Silk.  I am so lucky to have a job which requires me to knit with these yarns :)

Next time you come to the Knitting Garage, check the yarn out for yourself. 
You may also want to check out our new ball winder which makes it even easier for us to wind the skeins of yarn into neat balls; a service we provide for free for any yarns you purchase at The Knitting Garage.

Two other fun things to share with you :
  • Dale who took my Market Bag class last summer, just finished the last bag for this season's gift giving.  Aren't they absolutely beautiful?!  Lucky recipients!

  • One of our customers walked in last week wearing a headband she had just finished.  She used my pattern which is a free pattern on ravelry : 

    At Home

    This winter's trend?

    I received the latest "Cast-on" magazine and found many cowl patterns in this issue using the brioche stitch.  Remember the cowl I designed to go with my "Owl sweater"?  It made me happy to see that unwittingly I managed to be right there setting the trend with the best of them :) 
    see the keywords"cowl" and "brioche"?!

    Here is the link to the pattern I designed: 
    and a picture:

    His and Her àpres-Ski Hats

    I added "after" to the name of these, because I am a strong advocate of wearing helmets when skiing!

    This is a free pattern on ravelry by Erica Kempf:  
    I finally put the pom poms on last night:

    his hat
    her hat is more slouchy and lacy

    Christmas Surprise Socks

    Using the rule of thumb calculations from the Churchmouse Basic socks pattern, I knitted the feet to a length of 8.5 inches and am now ready to shape the toes.

    ready to start on the toes


    No, this is not knitted, but I still used a needle; a sewing needle! (and beads and Swarovski Crystals).  Just a fun thing to share with you.

    a bracelet; almost finished


Thursday, December 4, 2014

What's on my needles (week 44)

At The Knitting Garage


I am starting off with a bit of sad news:  Two of our store samples are missing.... If you know of their whereabouts, please help them find their way back home (no questions asked).
Here are pictures (Julie knitted up 1/2 a new Cane Bay Wrap since the other one went missing):

Cane Bay Wrap

Candle Flame Shawl

Now on to happier moments:

 Sophie Bag

The Sophie Bag is finished.  It came out extremely well if I may say so myself :)
Here are a few pictures of the final steps to complete it:

still knitting

after the first wash it felted quite a bit right away
measurements after the second felting cycle
blocking stuffed with plastic bags
Cutting out felt for the inside of the bag where the handles will be sewn on

four hearts

marking where the handles will be sewn on

pinning the hearts into place
All done; inside view

Don't YOU want to make one of these ?


Also don't forget to take advantage of the classes we are offering at The Knitting Garage to get you started on a quick and fun project as the perfect gift this Holiday Season:
This Saturday 10am-12noon :  Cabled Headband (instructor:  Doris)
Sunday 11am-12:30pm:  Calorimetry Headband (instructor:  Julie)
Wednesday 11am-1pm:  Pinwheel Flower Spa Cloth (instructor: Doris)

New Store sample:  DOWNTON HAT

Next on my list of what to knit with for the store are two wonderful yarns.
I am knitting with the Manos Silk, a DK weight yarn and the Trendsetter La Furla.
I found a hat pattern which will use both yarn.  The Manos for the main body of the hat and the La Furla for the rim.  The nice thing with this pattern is, too, that it is written in many sizes from "Baby" to "Adult 2".  I am knitting it up in size "Adult 1".
This promises to be a gorgeous hat! I have just a few more rows of ribbing to do and then I will start the rim in the lovely soft Furla.
The pattern is free on ravelry and as you can see a relatively quick knit.
The construction is interesting:
you knit a square first (in double seed stitch)

then you pick up stitches all around and start knitting in the round

after doing some ribbing (which will help to keep the hat on your head :) you add the rim in a contrasting yarn


At Home

Over the last two weeks I have finished several gifts (remember, I didn't "report" on my knitting last week, but instead wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving).

Veyla Mitts

These are finished with lovely little pearl buttons I found at Stickles (their button selection is really amazing!)

Susie Rodgers' Reading Mitts

I blocked these to bring out the lace more, but also to even them out in size as I had knitted the first one a little tighter than the second one.  Now they feel equal on my hands and the person getting them will be none the wiser.

His Ski Hat

I made a quick and easy ski hat out of the scrumptious Tosh ASAP.  I have enough left for a pompom :) Again I used a free pattern on ravelry:

Her Ski Hat

The partner to the above hat with a few changes:
  • I added 6 extra stitches (54 sts total) and used a very stretchy cast-on: the most elastic cast-on. This seems to be a variation on Jenny’s stretchy cast-on.
  • Keeping the inside of the pattern as the outside I did k2, p1 for the first 8 rows, then P2, K1 for the main body of the hat.
  • For a more feminine look I knitted
    three rows in pattern, then
    P2, K1,P1, P2tog through back loop, YO, etc
    every other row. Then in pattern. I did a total of 12 YO row repeats for a slouchy look (total of 27 rows after the 8 rows of P2, K1).
  • In Row 9 I did k2tog across the row. I had 9 sts left and pulled the yarn through the stitches to close the hat.

     I don't have quite enough yarn left for a pompom, but went through my stash and found enough yarn which will go with the colors of the hat.

    Another Pair of Roadtrip Socks

    I finished these yesterday :)


    Christmas Surprise Socks 

    For  one reason or other I have not been able to meet with my two sock knitting students and decided to forge on with this pair as I want it to be done in another three weeks.  I can always start another pair for class.
    By the way I am planning on offering another sock knitting class in January; this time toe-up on magic loop!

    heels are turned and gussets are done :)