Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best Wishes for 2015

I am wishing you a safe and happy transition into the New Year !

Wishes for Health, Happiness and Prosperity in the coming year.

When you think about your New Year's resolutions, think about adding something new to learn.  Learning and growing should never become stagnant; there is so much to absorb...

Of course knitting can be one of the challenges you may want to look at (this wouldn't be a knitting blog, if I didn't needle you on with this).

If you are not a knitter, think about learning to knit or crochet; especially if you don't use your hands much at work.  Learning to do a tactile art-form may help you to feel more balanced in yourself (yes, discover that Inner Knitter!)

If you already knit, think about expanding your knowledge and ability.  Learn to knit in the round, knit lace, knit fair isle, brioche...

Whatever you end up doing in the new year, don't forget that life is supposed to be enJOYable, so put aside your worries some times during each day and have FUN.

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