Thursday, January 1, 2015

Classes at the Knitting Garage in January 2015

Class Schedule
at the Knitting Garage
January 2015
So, a new year has started and with that lots of opportunities to try something new.
Learning and growing should never become stagnant; there is so much to absorb...

Of course knitting can be one of the challenges you may want to look at (and I am willing to needle you on with this).

If you are not a knitter, think about learning to knit or crochet; especially if you don't use your hands much at work.  Learning to do a tactile art-form may help you to feel more balanced in yourself (yes, discover that Inner Knitter!)

If you already knit, think about expanding your knowledge and ability.  Learn to knit in the round, knit lace, knit Fair Isle, brioche...

Whatever you end up doing in the New Year, don't forget that life is supposed to be enJOYable, so put aside your worries some times during each day and have FUN.

Individual Projects:

These classes are held twice once on Wednesday morning 11am to 1pm and on the following Saturday from 10am to 12noon (dates are indicated).  The cost of $40 per class includes the pattern and any additional help needed to finish the project.  Prior sign-up is necessary for the class during the week on Wednesday and recommended for the Saturday classes, but additional walk-ins are welcome Saturdays with a maximum number of four students per class.

January 7th and 10th         Susie Rodger’s Reading Mitts (for the intermediate Beginner)

You will learn how to knit on DPN’s, a picot seam and thumb gussets. I made a pair of these as a gift last month and they were very well received.

January 14th and 17th       Pembroke Shawl (for the intermediate Beginner)

If you have never knitted Lace before, this is a great pattern to learn.  The shawl is knitted up in bulky yarn (I suggest Misti Alpaca) and has only a few lace rows.  You will learn how to start a tri-angular shawl, the basic lace stitches and how to read a chart.

January 21st and 24th       The simplest mitts you’ll ever knit (for the new knitter; no previous knowledge needed)

This is one of my own patterns.  I use it often to teach the basics and in no time you will be wearing your own hand-made fingerless mitts.  You will learn:  how to cast-on, knit stitch, purl stitch and bind off.

January 28th and 31st       C-OWL (for the intermediate to advanced knitter)

This is one of my own patterns (originally created to go with my owl sweater). 
You will learn the Brioche Stitch.  Yes, brioche is not just something to eat, but also a stitch you can use to make this yummy cowl.  I will teach you the provisional cast on, the brioche stitch in two colors or alternatively in one color and you will learn a special Kitchener stitch used to join a ribbed edge.


SOCK Class ( for the intermediate knitter)

I decided to make this sock class a little more interesting for those who have knitted traditional sock patterns already, but want to try something new, but also for those who have never knitted socks, but always wanted to try.
This is a two-at-a-time sock knitting class using the magic loop or alternatively two circular needles (my preferred method).
For the heel we will be using the FLK heel instructions.
This class will be every third Saturday afternoon for a total of three Saturdays.
January 17th   2pm -4pm:  Judy’s magic loop cast on and toe-increases                           
February 7th   2pm -4pm : FLK Heel
February 28th 2pm-4pm:   stretchy bind off

The class fee is $120 for all three sessions.

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