Thursday, April 17, 2014

What's on my needles (week 13)

Clermont Yarn bombing

I finally took a trip down the road to Clermont State Historic Site last week to see the Yarn Bombing.  It really is worth a trip especially if you combine it with attending the Chancellor's Sheep and Wool Showcase this Saturday, April 19th.  Here are a few pictures. I took more pictures which I posted on facebook ; to see those click here:  Knit with Doris/ Discover Your Inner Knitter
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At The Knitting Garage at AL Stickle

I have been knitting full steam ahead on "Kitty".  The nice thing with knitting baby or children's' clothes is that they are usually a quick knit.  This one is no exception and I am already knitting the lace section.  Once that is done there will only be the crochet edging left to do.  It already looks really sweet and I am sure this will be the new most popular project for our customers who knit for their daughters or granddaughters.

At Home

After all the complaining and moaning last week, I finished the Diamond Cuff within a few days once I picked it up again and my friend loves it :)
The i-cord edging especially was knitted up in a breeze on "larger" US #1 needles!

I am also re-knitting a tank top which I had partially frogged at the end of last summer because I wanted it longer and straighter.  I had frogged it up to the armholes, then picked up the stitches and am now re-knitting from the top down.  I did soak the yarn as skeins in water to get the crinkles out.  You can see a bit of the process here:

Yes, I do notice the difference between the original and the re-knit.  For one the color bled and the knitting does not look as even (although I am using smaller US# 5 needles), but I think I can fix that once I am finished.  It is worth a try anyway since I had not been wearing it much any more the way it was.


I also cast on a new project at home.  Matt asked me to knit up a scarf with pockets and a hood attached.  I just started on that today, but I know I have plenty of time to finish this project before Winter arrives again. The color, "Italian Plum", is growing on me although he was originally looking for a blue.

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