Thursday, September 18, 2014

What's on my needles (week 35)

At The Knitting Garage

About sewing seeds

A few ladies who took one of my knitting classes this summer have come back this last week to show me several more projects they knitted up.
This is so exciting to see that I thought to share it with you:

Remember one of the first classes I gave this summer; in May?  A shawl called "summer flies".  Well, here we are in September and summer did fly. Connie, stopped by at the shop and showed me her second summer flies shawl which she just finished.  She used the Cascade Avalon and the shawl came out beautiful.  It looks like there is no stopping her to keep knitting up this pattern.

Toni, who took the class on the Pinwheel Spa Cloth in June, just started her fourth Pinwheel.  She gives them away as presents and uses them as doilies.  Here is the last one she just finished knitted up in  " Lily Sugar'n Cream Cotton".

 Last, but not least Dale knitted up a total of five (!) Market Bags so far after taking the class in July and she is planning on more!  She has doubled the yarn when knitting the handle to make it more sturdy and she has paired colors beautifully :)















Store sample

My Windsor Mitt is finished and looks gorgeous  if I may say so myself :).  But don't forget that I only knit up one as a store sample, so I only do half the work.
The pattern is disbelievingly easy and letting my mind wander I forgot to pass the slipped stitch over a couple of times only to remember four rows later.  Then there was nothing else to do but to tink (knit backwards), I got quite a bit of practice with tinking which makes me quite a tinker ;)
I wonder how my five students are doing.  I hope they are loving it and are well on their way.

 My next knitting class at the Knitting Garage

At Home

Boyfriend's Watch Cap

As I gave a class on this pattern I also started a hat for Tony (he can always use a good warm hat!).
9.13. I was a little surprised by the cable cast-on (not stretchy), but did it anyway. I did the alternating cable cast on to account for the ribbing. Jennifer who took the class opted for the long-tail cast-on (quicker and a little more stretchy).

I am using the same yarn Julie used for our store sample, the Araucania Panguipulli, but in a different color and am hoping for a less dramatic striping.  I was tempted to alternate rows to eliminate the striping all together, but decided to just keep knitting. The colors are more muted and closer in shade and a little striping would be OK.  This is promising to be a quick knit.


About two years ago I saw this pattern and helped someone get started on one.  I finally got around to starting one myself.

I had been thinking to use a thin cotton threat to knit this up and then even starch it, but after doing the Season’s Shawl (my gift from heaven shawl), I had some knitpicks Shadow Tonal left-over and decided to use this yarn as it is the one the pattern calls for; I can always use a different yarn next time I make this. Which color to use was difficult since they all look pretty, I decided on the light green “Springtime” color.
I was also thinking to put beads only on the part of the bookmark which will be outside (around the heart) on the book in order to not damage the pages, but when I did find the perfect color beads in my stash (I used to do a lot of beading) , I knew this bead is smaller than the one the pattern calls for (size 11 instead of size 10) and I decided to place them all over after all.
Since the only US #3 needles I own are DPN’s, I put needle stoppers on the ends of two and use them as straights :)
I calculated that I will need to do 18 instead of 25 pattern repeats since the book I am making this for is 7.5” tall and not 10 “tall. So far I have done fourteen repeats.




Chevron Tank Top

I have made progress with my tank top. I finished the front up to the shoulders and will start on the back next.  I do believe that the left and right shoulder for the front are mixed up unless you think of left and right as you look at the piece rather than wear it.  I followed the instructions for left on the right shoulder and right for the left shoulder to get a continuous look of the chevron pattern.  The shoulders seem rather narrow to me (more narrow than in the pictures), but I followed the instructions on stitch count exactly (+1 st); we'll see how it all comes together.

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