Friday, February 13, 2015

What's on my needles (week 52)

At The Knitting Garage

After making a Valentine's garland for my home, I made another one for The Knitting Garage; you are showered with love as you enter :)

Here is a link to the pattern I used for the hearts:  Love Rocks pattern by Vickie Howell

Candle Flame Shawl

After increasing for 6 pattern repeats I weighted how much yarn I had left which was 32 gram. 

After that I worked section A (increase section) for another half repeat then I worked section B of the pattern (no increase; no decrease) for the last 12 rows of that pattern repeat. Since I am now left with 29 gram I see that I have enough to knit 1 1/2 pattern repeats in section B, then I will do 6 1/2 pattern repeats in section C which is the decrease section.

On March 11th and March 14th I will be giving a class on how to knit up this shawl in any amount of yarn and any weight.

At Home

I have made a lot of progress on the Aurita Shawl.  I only have to knit another 10 decrease sections and am done.  I like how both the beads and the yarn have different shadings.

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