Friday, May 29, 2015

What's on my needles (week 65)

At The Knitting Garage

Top-Down Shell #169
  I finished the lacy summer hat in Cascade Pima Cotton.  This is a  quick and fun knit! 
The yarn has a beautiful sheen and is nice to work with.  
There are lots of colors to choose from.  

I had used the yarn before for a cotton tank top (see picture on left).

Click on the links below the pictures for more information on the pattern and yardage used etc.

Slouchy Summer Lace Hat
I also wore the just finished Chevron Lace Tank at the shop last week.  Paired here with the Ginkgo Shawl

At Home

The "Leftie Shawl" is left on the back-burner (pun intended ;) while I finish the shawl for my sister.

This is an a-symmetrical triangular shawl with hearts along one edge.
I have gotten into a good rhythm with this and have completed 16 of the 21 hearts. I should have it ready to sent off in another week or two giving extra time for the blocking process which is a must with this shawl as the designer Martina Behm mentioned that otherwise the hearts will fold over.
Knit Your Love Shawl

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