Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What's on my needles (week 91)

                   Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! 


Best wishes for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day with your families and loved ones <3
Even with everything which is going on in the world, there is so much to be thankful for ...

I hope that you will have some time to knit.  Here is my finished featured project of the week: 

Elementary Watson Socks;  for the free pattern on ravelry by Sherry Menton click here:
These socks are knitted toe-up with a Fleegler Heel construction. 

I knitted them two-at-the time.  First I wound up one skein of the beautiful Anzula Squishy in the color "toffee" (don't you love it when the colors have such yummy names?!) Then I divided the skein into two with the help of my trusty digital scale.

Before I started 
  • I thought that I may want to mirror the cables, but did not because later when the leg has cables all around it looks better to have them all go one direction.  
  • I decided to use knitpurlhunters method of doing cables without a cable needle. 
Here is my own video working on the socks without a cable needle:

Ready, set go:
I used re-inforcing yarn in the toes (and later for the heels).  Working the beginning few rows was a little tricky; doing Judy's magic cast-on double stranded twice...but soon enough the toes had grown to a more manageable size:

Next I had to figure out when to start on the gussets.  To stay in the pattern one had to do it after completing a pattern repeat.  Each pattern repeat is about 1" in length and approximately 4" before the heel turn.  I took the designer's advise and put in a lifeline in case I needed more or less length for the foot.

Then I continued with just one sock; no use having to unravel two of them if I needed to.

After completing the gussets and heel, it was time for Tony to try them on.  I refer to this as Tony's "Cinderella Moment".

I was SOOO happy that it fit!!!  Now it was just a matter of having the other sock catch up in length and they could get re-united again to be worked at the same time for the remaining knitting (namely the leg).

I had just enough yarn to do five pattern repeats around the leg and then start the ribbing.
I modified the ribbing slightly by switching the stitches in the row below (basically cabling) so I always had a purl on top of a purl... 

I used Jenny's stretchy bind off and voila, another pair of socks finished.
This is how much yarn I had left!
348 cables and done!

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