Thursday, September 1, 2016

About my Current Classes and getting ready for Fall (# 116)

Classic Sock

One inside the other

When I put together a class schedule for this Fall, I overlooked how busy a time this is for many of you.  End of August/ beginning of September, Summer winding down and getting children ready to go back to school...I was too focused on having the classes end before the Sheep & Wool Festival in October.
So I sheepishly want to apologize...

But here is an idea:  If you are interested in one or more of the three sock knitting classes, you may want to get started on your own and take a private lesson with me when you get to a particularly difficult section in your knitting (Judy's magic cast on, turning the heel, stretchy bind off...).  
Any private lessons based on these classes will be 10% off until October 12.

I am always more than happy to help and this is true for any project you want to tackle this Fall.  Remember the Sheep & Wool Festival is only SIX WEEKS away and that special piece you want to wear should get started soon :)

  • On another note:  Did you all enjoy the video I posted the other week?  
Well, Leah was not the only one Kristy interviewed at The Knitting Garage and I am planning on posting another video soon.  
Stay tuned :)

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