Friday, October 7, 2016

Socks (week #119)

Both pairs are finished !!

 and I am ready to wear mine next week in Rhinebeck :)

I think there is a little secret to how I was able to finish these so quickly; well, actually two:
  1. By now I know my preferred way of knitting socks so well that I no longer need to consult my notes. Hint:  If you want to get to that point, too?  Take one of my sock knitting classes.
  2. By adding a stitch pattern for interest, I was not thinking along lines of  "one more row", but rather "one more repeat" which in the case of these socks translates into 8-16 rows (for the dancing cables pattern) and 4-8 rows (for the twice broken rib pattern).  So, I truly got moving in leaps and bounds.
Tony's socks
For more information on these socks, click on the link below the pictures for my notes on ravelry.

My socks

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  1. Hi Doris, the socks look great! You were just working on them last Sun. when we were there! You're pretty amazing! I need a simple double needle sock pattern as the video is for 1 sock at a time, could you tell me where I should look, and if you have one to share. Thanks!