Thursday, April 6, 2017

WooHoo, I am ready for Summer (#131)


My Caesura Tuck by Asa Tricosa/  MY FIRST ZIGGURAT

When I choose this pattern, I was ready to try something different AND I wanted to make some headway using up stash yarn.
By doubling two lace weight yarns, I got just the right weight and a whole new look.
I had purchased the Artesano Alpaca Silk Lace in Ice Blue two years ago at the Good Wool Shop in Formby, UK (my husband's home town).  Originally I was going to knit up an airy, lacy layering piece (Athena by Rita Taylor), but after buying the Juniper Moon Farm Findley in Green (color 29) during a close-out sale at Living Eden in Red Hook, NY, I liked the look of the two yarns together. 

The pattern for Athena

What attracted me to the Caesurea Tuck was mainly the tuck in the back and the designer; I have one of her shawl designs in my queue since a while ("Semele").  Here is a link to the pattern:  Caesura Tuck.  
I named my project "Winter's Dreams" (click on the link to read my notes on ravelry).


I didn't know what I was getting myself into.  The beginning took me on quite a ride:
You start with a provisional cast-on (a new version of this for me)  at the front right, then work your way up with decreases around the neckline to the shoulder at which point you add stitches to get to the left shoulder (I like her method of adding stitches as it eliminates gaps).  That done you work your way down from here across all stitches to underarm level (at the same time you are working the tuck here).  Then you pick up stitches at the left front and work yourself down mirroring the neck line on the right, but this time by increases.  When left and right fronts are the same length, you join them and work down to the same level as the back to the underarm.  Once you join the front and back and start knitting in the round it is a "piece of cake".  The pocket is an "afterthought" pocket, picking up stitches later, knitting in the round and 3-needle bind off; much like an afterthought heel on a sock.

joining in the round

adding the pocket

Here are some pictures before blocking :


When I blocked the top I decided to block the tuck as a fold for the entire length.

on the blocking mats
I had been thinking to add short rows across the shoulders, but for now I decided to wear it "as is", I can always add later.

A winding way, a zig-zaggy sweep with a great result :)!!

Click here for my project notes on ravelry :  Winter's Dreams

I am thinking to try Asa Tricosa's Ziggurat method again some time; perhaps next time a sweater.  
She has a lot of patterns out.  
You can look them up on ravelry or on her website
For Asa's ravelry site click on this link


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