Thursday, July 27, 2017



When you hear"Summertime Fun", what comes to mind first?  Swimming? Beaches? Baseball? BBQ?


Rachel and I had fun of a different nature:  We went to a Crochet course spread over six Tuesday afternoons at "The Perfect Blend" Yarn and Tea Shop in Saugerties, NY.

My daughter-in-law, Rachel, had learned  how to crochet last summer and I did not have any more to teach her , so we signed up for a class given by Heidi Quick who used to work for the Lion Brand Company in Albany, NY. 

Lucky us:  We were the only two students and benefited from all her attention. 

The first three classes were Basic Crochet and the last three (the last of which we had to re-schedule due to unforeseen circumstances) covered some more advanced techniques. 

We learned:
  • how to keep straight edges,  
  • various basic crochet stitches, 
  • how to read a pattern, 
  • how to increase and decrease, 
  • crochet in the round, 
  • beginner granny square, 
  • the importance of gauge, 
  • how to change color when working stripes and 
  • four methods of seaming.

Heidi (seated) explaining one of the seaming techniques to Rachel

We finished two projects:
Click on the link for the free pattern.

Kara added my picture to her pattern page; what honor!! :)

and a simple hat :)

All in all it was a lot of fun, the shared learning experience and the material covered.

Heidi is a teacher with much patience. If you are interested, look up her classes this Fall at The Perfect Blend.Here is a link to their website : The Perfect Blend.

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