Thursday, March 27, 2014

What's on my needles (week 10)


Before I tell you about my wip's (works in progress) I want to let you know about some of my designs.

A few weeks ago I received a message from the yarn company "Lantern Moon" asking me if I would mind if they used my pattern "Candle Flame Scarf" for a sample showcasing their new line of Indochine Yarn, a 100% Silk yarn in DK weight. I told them to go ahead; after all it is a free pattern available on this blog, on ravelry and on
A few days ago I received this feed-back:

"Hi Doris
We took the Candle Flame Scarf knit in Lantern Moon Indochine yarn to VK Live in Seattle and people liked it - so thank you very much for the beautiful design and allowing us to use it.
I am dropping 2 skeins in the mail today for you.
We will be going to TNNA in May and will have the Candle Flame in our boot. If you are inspired to do another pattern we would be happy to show it in the boot and link to your site.
Hopefully it is as beautiful in your part of the world as it is here today. Blue skies, white mountains and pink cherry blossoms."

I am so inspired by this that I had to share :)
Here are pictures of their sample and of the yarn I received in the mail:


I finally finished the pattern "OWL'S C-OWL" (click on the link to check it out on ravelry) and I am VERY pleased with it.  I thought that since I am finishing it so late in the Season I would not have much chance to wear it till next winter, but I have been wearing it quite a bit.  Not that I was asking for the cold weather, no, you cannot blame me for that.
I thought back and forth how much to sell it for and decided on $5; a lot of work went into it and I have seen simpler patterns sold for more.
It is geared to the intermediate knitter or the beginning knitter who wants to learn  a new stitch and technique.  If you decide to buy it, you can simply click on the button below or buy it through my ravelry store.
Here are some pictures:

buy now

Now without further ado let me tell you what is on my needles:

At The Knitting Garage at AL STICKLE

I am working in the Araucania Nuble, a truly nice to the touch and budget-friendly Merino and Silk blend yarn.  I was hoping to have the Venomous Tentacula store sample finished by this weekend to show off the yarn during the Hudson Valley Yarn crawl, but I am only about half way done.  Still, I will display it this weekend for all to see how beautifully this yarn knits up.

We have been making some nice goodie bags for the yarn crawlers, so, come and make the Knitting Garage one of your first stops. :)

NEWS-update:  All Madeline Tosh and all Shibui yarns will be on sale for 15% off this Saturday and Sunday!!  A really great deal for some awesome yarns!

At Home

Tony's "Lucky Socks" are slowly getting done and Sascha's baby's baby blanket "Fortuna Fan's Baby blanket" is about half way finished.

I extended most of my energy into the cowl and writing out a class schedule for this Spring which I will post in a separate post.
AND (one more reason why I have not knitted so much) while my husband is visiting with his Mom I have been doing a lot of tidying up to the point of moving furniture around and switching rooms with the help of my son Matthew :) The good news to that is that I will have all my knitting stuff in one place and Tony will have all his fishing stuff in one place and Matthew will have a bigger bedroom!


  1. A great story about the Candle Flame Scarf. It's a beautiful pattern and I'm so glad that it has been recognized in the fiber arts world.