Thursday, March 6, 2014

What's on my needles (week 7)

At The Knitting Garage at AL Stickle

Saturday class

Saturday 3.1. we held a class at The Knitting Garage using my pattern "Cabled Headband" which is a free pattern on ravelry and on  allfreeknitting.
Liz, Dale and Ann had great fun learning
1) the provisional cast-on
2) How to work a Cable and
3) How to do Kitchener Grafting

Update Friday 3.7.  :  Here is Dale's headband all done.  It came out beautifully; good job, Dale.

If you live in the area, check out my current class schedule on this blog. Classes are held every Saturday morning.

The Fortune's Wheel

I am almost finished with this project.  I can't wait to get to the shop and bind off my 424 stitches and see the actual size of this sweater/ vest.  I still have to knit the edge around the armholes, but the edge is worked over five rows, so that will take no time at all.  With no yarn ends to weave in because I used the "magic knot" method to join the yarns (see earlier post week 4) it will be done by next week and I am looking forward to post pictures of the finished piece (Yeah!).

Leah already lined up my next project which is a cute lacy girl's cardigan in a lovely pink; I expect to have started on it by next week.

At Home

My softest Owl sweater 

My sweater is off my needles, blocked and I have been wearing it already.  It fits perfectly!  It is fitted, but not tight and I am glad about all the adjustments I made to the pattern for the body and arms.  The owls are amazing!  With the temperatures still below freezing this sweater keeps me perfectly warm and it is fun to wear; may I say it is a "hoot" to wear? ;)!


I am working on a matching cowl in the same yarn as the owl sweater.  After three starts the cowl finally looks the way I imagined it.  I am writing out the pattern as I am knitting it up and will post it when it is completed (can you live with that kind of suspense?)

Tony's Lucky Socks

Tony's socks are growing and I prepared a foot pattern out of cardboard as per Patty Joy's (aka SoxTherapist) instructions.  Just a few more inches and I will be working the Fish Lips Kiss Heel.  Tony doesn't care much for a complicated pattern on his socks or rather doesn't care if his socks have one or not.  He just loves the fit, feel and warmth of hand knitted socks.  So I am making these in simple stockinette stitch two at the time toe-up.

Congratulations to ravelry

Last but not least I want to express a special congratulations to ravelry for welcoming their 4,000,000th member!  I think yours is an awesome website and I am lucky to be one of the 4,000,000 !
Click here for some fun facts:


  1. I like the owl sweater on you. Glad it's so warm.

    1. Well, thank you! I do love wearing the sweater and it looks like there are going to be a few more cold days during which I will be grateful to be wearing this soft and warm sweater :)