Thursday, February 13, 2014

What's on my needles (week 4)

At the Knitting Garage at AL Stickle

I still have the Fortune's Wheel on my needles.

I used the double slip knot method to join the next yarn.  I am not usually in favor of knotting your yarns, but in this case with the thin yarn and knitting in the round I believe it to be the ideal method.  You can view the youtube video by Jane Richmond: How to join yarn using a double knot

I am beyond the armholes and at 8 times 34 stitches per row and still increasing it looks like it is going a little slower.  But it just looks that way.  I am almost at a point to join a new yarn.  As the next yarn I am planning to use the one I started with in the center as I did not use it all up for the center circle as per pattern notes by the designer.  The piece is coming along nicely and I enjoy working with the yarn.  The fact that all the yarns in the package are dyed the same colorway but on different fibers resulting in different shades is very intriguing to me.
One word about the armholes.  Following the instructions exactly you will need to put your 30 sts per armhole on the holder after a YO row i.e. in the row when you knit all stitches; otherwise you would need to put 30 stitches on the holder and cast on 31.So, there is a YO stitch on your stitch holder.

At home

I kept working on my owl sweater only to realize that I don't like the construction of the body.  I like a looser fit and should have thought about it right when I read "a negative ease of 1-2 inches".  Well, you live and you learn.
On Sunday I re-started casting on 116 instead of 108 sts,  For the waist shaping I went down to 104 sts instead of 96 (or 100 in my first attempt)  and I increased back to 116 stitches getting to the same number as the pattern for that size.  I also followed some other knitters' advice and did the decreases and increases on the sides rather than in the back.  I won't make changes for the arms and yoke.
I am happier now with the way it fits.  I am almost at the same point where I stopped in my first attempt which is just under the arms and since today is another snow day, winter storm "Pax" (nothing too peaceful about it), I should have plenty of time to make some headway.

First attempt (back view): This will be frogged today now that I made a definite decision on this.  I am a little nervous about frogging this yarn and hope it doesn't loose too much of its "halo".

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