Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's on my needles (week 17)

At The Knitting Garage at AL Stickle

Stay-Put Shawl

I finished the "Stay-Put Shawl" in record time.  At 300 yards total on US #8 needles and a simple pattern to work with this is a breeze and makes a great quick gift.  I love the yarn.  The colors are vivid and the thin and thick gives the garment additional interest AND it has a really nice drape :)
Remember:  I used three different colorways and you can easily
change the look by choosing just one colorway or a solid color in a different yarn.

For my next store sample I worked with a cotton/ linen blend yarn from Trendsetter "Lino".
A friend of mine made me a wonderful cotton washcloth some time ago and I am using a similar pattern:

Pinwheel Flower by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer 


You can find similar patterns for free, but what I like about this one is the detailed instruction, both written and as a chart.  The designer also puts a little spin on the circular cast-on which I liked, because it made the cast on easier.  The crochet bind-off is a very nice finishing touch I did not find in other similar patterns.  All in all I thought it to be worth the $5 you pay for this pattern (you can purchase it directly on ravelry or through your local yarn shop), especially considering that you will make lots of these for everyone on your list.
This Spa Cloth knits up in an hour or two and when paired with a bar of special soap this is a perfect last minute gift. You can make three washcloths out of one skein of the Trendsetter Lino.











At Home

Thank you to everyone who inquired about my shoulder.  I did not mean to worry anyone and am happy to say that it is much improved.
I worked on some chemo blankets and fixed a sweater for a friend.  The chemo blankets, hats and booties will be taken to St. Peter's and the Women's Cancer Treatment Center in Albany the first week of June by Bonny from the Tivoli Library in remembrance of Marie- France Dougherty who was treated there and passed away last summer.  Anyone interested to participate or add items to donate (finished items only, please) can bring them either to the Tivoli Library or drop them off with me.  The phone number for the Tivoli Library is 845-757-3771 and I am at the Knitting Garage in Rhinebeck Tuesdays and Saturdays.
One project I did work on and finished is the baby hat for my nephew's new arrival:

Baby Hat for Raphael 


This is how I changed the decreases to look right with the overall k1, p1 ribbing:
Instead of a k2tog, ssk I did a center double decrease (cdd) on a knit stitch as the center, purling the stitches in between. I also added one decrease row so I was left with 7 sts to pull the yarn through.
Written out the decrease rows are as follows:
  1. p5, cdd (p9,cdd) to last 4 sts, p4
  2. p5, k1 (p9,k1) to last 4sts, p4
  3. p4, cdd (p7,cdd) to last 3 sts,p3
  4. p4,k1 (p7,k1) to last 3 sts, p3
  5. p3, cdd (p5,cdd),to last 2 sts ,p2
  6. p3,k1 (p5,k1) to last 2sts, p2
  7. p2,cdd (p3,cdd) to last st, p1
  8. p2,k1 (p3,k1) to last st p1
  9. p1,cdd (p1, cdd) to end of row
  10. p1,k1 to end of row
  11. k2tog to end of row
Then I sewed a soccer ball button on the top.  I found this one at AL Stickle in Rhinebeck; they have a great selection of buttons! I am pleased with how this came out and am looking forward to see pictures of my little grand-nephew wearing this hat.


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