Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What's on my needles (week 23)

I have been having a great week with the weather being perfect and my knitting going full speed.

At The Knitting Garage

Although nobody came for my Sun Hat class last Saturday, the pattern has become quite popular and we sold a few copies at the store.  I am looking forward to see more of these hats knitted up.  It really is a great grand hat and I am happy to be wearing mine since I took it out of the window and replaced it with the T-shirt we will be knitting up this Saturday.  If you are interested in this class, sign up today or walk in for the class Saturday morning.  And don't forget:  Next Tuesday I will be starting a beginners knitting class.

Store sample

The store sample is half way done ; probably in another week or two all will be revealed.

At Home

For now I will simply call the WIP  "Indocine"  after the yarn which I am using.  I have another name in mind and will use that when the pattern is finalized.  Here is a little "teaser" :
I love the silky sheen of the yarn and thought to enhance it further by adding beads.  I did not want to take away from the beauty of the yarn and have the beads compete with it, so I purchased beads in a similar color.  I was thinking of pearls, but of course the holes in pearls are far too small.  These are size 6 beads and I think these are perfect for what I am doing.  I purchased them at "I Dream of Beading" in Poughkeepsie which gave me a wonderful opportunity to catch up with Janice.

 The girlfriend Market Bag

I did start on the market bag using a different circular cast-on which I find to be a little easier and faster (I will teach you in the class).  I am making this bag as a gift and was torn between several colors, but I kept coming back to yellow which I think will pair well with the dark blue I have left over from the T-shirt and which I will be using for the handles.

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