Wednesday, June 18, 2014

What's on my needles (week 22)

I have had quite an exciting week.
Some good : a wonderful massage at the Haven Spa in Rhinebeck, a gift from my boss and the perfect thing for what I call my "knitting shoulder".  I get tense in my right shoulder and neck and should listen to my own advise on exercise for knitters right here on my blog:
The bad:  My car didn't start yesterday and charging the battery did not do the trick; I had it towed this morning and can only highly recommend T&N Towing in Red Hook.  Now I am anxiously awaiting the verdict.  I hope it is just the battery, but have a bad feeling that it may be more.  Well, Joe from Red Hook Auto knows his stuff and I know my "baby" is in good hands.
But on to knitting and all anxieties melt away:

      Update on my car:  It needed a new battery, that was all :)

At The Knitting Garage

We had a wonderful class on the Pinwheel Spa Cloth last Saturday and I was so inspired that I whipped up two more of these since.  They do make such great gifts!
The turquoise one is knitted up in Blue Sky Skinny Cotton and the white one in Lily Sugar'n Cream Cotton, both yarns are available at Stickles.


Don't forget:  This Saturday, June 21, is "Knit in Public Day" AND I will be giving the class on the Great Grand Sun Hat.  Sign up today for the class or walk in Saturday morning.


My next Store Sample

I am working on a fabulous shawl in Nuna Fina by Mirasol, BUT since this is a new pattern I am in the process of writing, I keep it as a secret project till it is finished and all will be revealed ;)

At Home

I knitted up the two Spa Cloths above and got a little further with knitting Matthew's scarf.

I am also knitting the same shawl at home which I am knitting at The Knitting Garage.  I am knitting this one in yarn a little heavier, the Indochin by Lantern Moon, which was given to me as a "Thank you" for letting them use my pattern "Candle Flame Scarf" .  See also my post from last March :  .
I am adding beads to this.  So you all will have to be very patient and wait until the pattern is finalized :)

But I will start something else today, too, so I have something I can share.  So, today after posting this, I will cast on the "Girlfriend Market Bag".  If you are interested:  I will be giving a class on this on Saturday, July 26.  So far I have two people signed up, so there are still two more spots available.

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