Thursday, November 20, 2014

What's on my needles (week 43)

So much happens in one week; so much to share!

At The Knitting Garage

I had two loveley ladies come to my beginner's knitting class last Saturday, Ginny and Sylvia.
Those of you who follow me on Facebook (click to get to that page and "like" me while you are there) , well, those may have already seen the cute video Sylvia took of me winding yarn :)

Sylvia is also the inspiration behind a second version of my "simplest Mitts" pattern.  As she had never held a pair of needles in her hands before Saturday, I added an even simpler version and an explanation of the stitches.  If you are just learning yourself or if you are planning to teach someone to knit, this may be a good pattern to use.  It is still just $1 until December 1st when I will change it to $1.50; here is the link and a picture of the extended pattern (it is now three pages rather than one page) :  "The simplest Fingerless Mitts you'll ever make".

Since Ginny already knew how to knit, she decided on the original version and learned a few new stitches.  I heard that she already finished the first mitt.  Way to go, Ginny!

By the end of the class, Sylvia knew how to cast on her stitches, how to knit and how to purl!
Everybody who came by the store could tell, we were having lots of fun.
Of course it meant that I didn't pick up the Sophie Bag at all that day...

Sophie Bag

The bag is coming along with only 20 more rows to knit, then felt and attach the handle. 
It is going to look gorgeous!

Remember, I will give a class on this this Saturday.  This will be the last class of my Fall schedule.  I will be posting a new schedule with classes for December right after this post.

 At Home

I couldn't meet with my sock classes student this week, so the Christmas surprise socks are on hold.

But I did finish the " Susie Rogers' Reading Mitts" (free pattern on ravelry) in the Cascade Sports superwash.  They are a gift and I think they came out very pretty.

They just need to get blocked to bring out the lace a little more.
On Sunday I started on a pair of "Veyla" Mitts in Canopy Fingering.  I made one mitt as a store sample in the mink yarn (which is on sale this weekend!), but wanted to use the heavier yarn for these; they are also a gift.  I finished the first mitt :) and started on the lace of the second mitt; should be able to finish these next week, perhaps on Thanksgiving.

As always,  click on the links to get to the patterns.
Last not least I want to let you all know that I found a knitting themed box of tissues at Aldis in Kingston!  ;) cool, perfect for my knitting area!

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