Friday, May 1, 2015

What's on my needles now (week 61)

You may be curious to find out what I am going to knit next after finishing the poncho.

First however I want to share some pictures of my finished poncho:

My Lincoln Park Poncho

 And here is what I cast on next

My nephew and his wife are expecting their second child this summer, a baby sister for Leandra. Such happy news, especially since for years they had thought that they could not have children :)
I had knitted a baby blanket for Leandra two years ago :
and I am making one now for this new member of the family.
I am knitting this blanket in Cascade Avalon which is a Cotton/ Acrylic blend; very soft and easy to take care of.  I had treated myself to a summer top in this yarn last year :

This blanket is a simple chevron blanket in yellow with an occasional white stripe.  The pattern is free on ravelry.

You can find this project on ravelry here:

The ratio between the  yellow and white will be 3:1 as I bought three yellow skeins and one white one.

Monday Night Knit Night at The Knitting Garage

Don't forget that AL Stickle is open from 6-8pm every Monday for Knit Night.  Julie, Beth, Meg and I had fun last Monday especially when Persimmon and Sweet Pea were roused from their sleep to make a special guest appearance.

You can see the beginnings of Building Block # 6 which I started for the shop (we only have one more to do after that!!!)

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