Thursday, July 30, 2015

What's on my needles (week 74)


One small town in the smallest State held the biggest surprise for me last week.
When taking the ferry to spent the day on Block Island, RI, I had no idea that the island has a small fiber industry!  Had I known, we would have gone earlier to take the daily tour around the mill at 10am.  As it was, we only saw the advertisement while leafing through tourist information over lunch.  Finding out that the location of  "North Light Fibers" was just a short walk from the  harbor restaurant, cinched the deal and we merrily walked up to 129 Spring Street.
Make sure to check out their website:
or better yet the actual place!!!

North Light Fibers

 When we first entered, we were greeted by alpacas, very soft and very gentle creatures, which looked like they had just been sheared.  They also did not want to look up to be photographed; they were too busy eating.

The building houses the solar powered micro mill, an area where the yarn dying takes place and the shop area.  The shop offers yarn, patterns and also finished projects both woven and knitted.  Some were finished locally and some far away, representing work by the group "Women for women" (click on the link for more information on this organization).
Even without the tour of their mill (you can see photos of it on their website here: ), there was SO MUCH to see and, yes, TOUCH!

The shop: 

 The yarn dying area:


My purchase:
I decided on something quick and uniquely "Block Island".  A kit for a Block Island Hat, part of the proceeds to benefit mariners served by the Seamen's Church Institute "Christmas at Sea". 
You can order this and other knitting, weaving and felting kits through their website if you are not able to go in person.  Here is the link to the Gansey Hat kit I bought:  Block Island Gansey Hat kit
I believe that one can never have too many hats.  Although I could also send the hat in after finishing, but I am planning on keeping it as a fond memory of this place.

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