Friday, September 25, 2015

What is on my needles (week 82)

Another Store sample finished...


 This is design 9 by Magdalena Neuer.  The pattern is one of 15 in the Lana Grossa Olympia booklet ($8 at the shop or $4 with purchase of four or more skeins of the yarn). 
I managed to make the store sample with just four skeins.  It is a fun over sized vest, big enough even to wear over your coat and guaranteed to brighten your coldest winter day.
The yarn comes in many great colors; come in to the shop to check it out!

The simple construction is easy even for the beginner knitter
 reverse crochet around the armholes


 What do you do when you find yourself with extra cash? ...

..........................................................well,  buy YARN, of course.....

At least that is what I did when I found out that a repair was less costly.  I checked out the clearance bin at Stickles and bought 8 skeins of the elsebeth lavold Silky Wool.  I also bought the perfect pattern:  "Tullamore cardigan" by Emily Ringleman.  It is available on ravelry for $6.50 and I am planning on starting it right after I finished the Idlewild Tunic I am working on now.  Here is the pattern link:
Tullamore cardigan

A well-stocked clearance bin!

My bargains :)

And yes, you read correctly:  I am almost finished with my Idlewild Tunic:

This is a dolman sleeve construction and you can read more of my pattern notes here: 
Right now I have the back, the front and all four sleeve halves on my 60" cable!


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