Thursday, November 5, 2015

What's on my needles (week 88)

At The Knitting Garage

The door handle cover I had made last January has disappeared :( and I made a new one.  I stayed in the same color scheme as those are the Rhinebeck School colors.

I made this one last January yarn bombing
This is the new one; take two

Last Monday being the first Monday of the month and as you can see on the sign on the door ...
We had Knit Night from 6-8pm.

Two of the ladies who came were working on the beautiful Block Island Gansey Hat, but were struggling with the chart.  By the end of the evening they were quite happy and knew how to proceed :)
Everybody brought their projects and got help as needed, ohh'ed and ahh'ed over our new and not so new inventory and had all in all a good time.

At Home

I did not get much further with my Tullamore cardigan, just two repeats on the sleeves.

Most of my efforts were spent to get Tony's socks going.  Elementary Watson Socks
I am doing the cables without a cable needle.  I found a great video by knitpurlhunter on "how to Cable without a Cable Needle". (click on the link to view)
I was working them toe-up and 2-at-the-same-time on two circular needles until I got to the crucial point of deciding if they are long enough.  I followed the designers advice to put in a life-line before starting the gussets.  The gussets are supposed to be started at 4" (un-stretched) from the heel and after one full pattern repeat.  I think I am at the right point, but better safe than sorry.  At this point I separated my socks and am working on one sock only as there is no need to have to unravel two of them if I need them to be longer.  On the up-side, it should go twice as fast now working on just one sock and I should know if I need to re-do the gussets fairly soon.
Just working on one sock now; I put in a life-line

Continuing in pattern on needle one
started on the gussets on needle two

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