Thursday, November 12, 2015

What's on my needles (week 89)

"Elementary, Dear Watson" socks 

Click on the link; this is a FREE pattern on ravelry.
Since I used the Fish Lips Kiss Heel construction in the last few pairs of socks for Tony, I was not sure at all about the length of the foot before starting gussets and knitting the heel.  I followed the designers advise and put in a lifeline before starting the gussets. This is a Fleegler Heel construction and the gussets should start about 4" from the heel; these socks are knitted toe-up.
So, for a while I was anxiously working on just one sock and waiting to do a fitting.
Tony had his "Cinderella Moment" and, wonder of wonders, the sock FIT!!!  I brought the other sock up to the same point and they are now happily re-united again :)  Now it is just a simple matter of knitting the leg (about five pattern repeats and ribbing).  I am planning to bind off using the tubular bind off.

Tony's Cinderella Moment

Reunited again and it feels so good!

 I learned something new this week!

 I started making a couple of gift.  One of them is a hat ("Koolhaas" pattern by Jared Flood).
Since I like the tubular bind off so much and because I saw one knitter on ravelry start her hat with this cast-on, I cast on using the tubular cast-on method.  There are several ways to do this, but I really like Ysolda Teague's method which does not require a provisional cast-on.  It took me a while and two attempts to get this done nicely, but I am really liking it and happy to have learned something new.  Here are two video links to see how it is done, but as always I am here to help you learn this, too. 
And on youtube:
Here are some pictures of my end-result so far:  
Long-tail tubular cast-on

One pattern repeat completed

Something quick and easy

It is fun to do something quick and easy. This washcloth pattern knitted flat and then seamed fit the bill:
The almost lost washcloth 
Click on the link; this is a FREE pattern on ravelry!
I am planning to make a few of these. They will make such good gifts partnered with one of the special soaps you can buy at Stickles!

A sweet gift


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