Friday, March 18, 2016

Socks in progress

What's on my needles (week 105)

Progress Report

Everybody who is participating in my Sock knitting class managed to finish their toes.  This week we were busy measuring and re-measuring both the width and length of everyone's feet to make sure the socks will fit just right.  Here are pictures of the beginnings:

Annie's socks knit in "Frolicking Feet" by Done Roving

Betty is using "Madeline Tosh Light" and is planning to knit the cable pattern
Dale is using the "Amiente" by Schoppel

Elise is using " Das Paar" by Schoppel

Gerrie is knitting her socks in the beautiful "Hedgehog Sock Yarn" color Sour cherry

Kyra's socks using "Single Disk Cat Print" by Schoppel

And the two pairs of socks I am working on:

Cabled socks in the "Wildfoote" by Brown Sheep

Self-striping socks in "Heritage Prints" by Cascade
Some statistics:  I have knitted 15 pairs of socks in the last 5 years; these are pair #16 and #17.  
Five of the fifteen pairs I knitted with the FLK heel construction which we are using in this class.

So, dear students and fellow knitters, this is important to remember when you get discouraged :)
Keep going; it will get easier <3

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