Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter musings

  What's on my needles (week 106)

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

I hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather and pretty Spring flowers which are coming up everywhere.

I was so happy to see a patch of daffodils under my kitchen window already. It made my heart "sing".

I had another experience during the past week which made me very happy. I realized (not for the first time) how lucky I am to be part of a community of knitters.

In my experience (for the most part) knitters look beyond themselves and simply help each other to get the project done. It does not seem to matter where they are from.  I have sought help through ravelry from knitters from many other countries, countries I may never travel to in person but to whose citizens I share a common bond by our shared love for a craft and desire to create something beautiful in an otherwise unstable world. Especially looking at recent World events, it is important to know that within this world lies another in which people do look beyond nationality, race and religion. Small side-note:  Duesseldorf where I grew up is only 120 miles from me events literally hit close to home...

Even on a smaller scale (as I experienced in several jobs) competition which in itself is not bad, is often used in greed and misuse of control.  But that is not my experience with other knitters.

As Spring is full of promise of new beginnings, I feel that I want to try and be better at sharing and helping. Perhaps we can make this world a better place one baby-step at a time.

But enough of my philosophical musings and on to my actual experiences.
Remember the cardigan "Tullamore" I am working on? I was stuck when I got to the front-panels' arm and neck decreases. I was supposed to be left with 18 sts for the shoulders, but the math did not work out. Luckily I did the math before knitting and ended up writing to the designer Emily Ringelman. She was incredibly gracious about it and corrected the pattern. Here is some of the correspondence:
  • Ok, I figured it out. You are totally right- there will be 18 sts left when all shaping is complete. Somehow, I uploaded the incorrectly tech-edited version of the pattern to Ravelry. I have no idea how no one has pointed this out to me before. I’ve corrected the pattern and am about to upload the proper version now. You’ll get an email from Ravelry that the pattern has been updated and is available for download.
    So sorry… I try very hard to make sure my patterns are error-free, but as humans, that’s not always what happens.
    I hope you love your cardigan when it’s finished!
    The pattern is beautiful. Check it out for yourself here: Tullamore Cardigan I am hoping to finish this over the weekend; so looking forward to be wearing it! 

    The other pattern I had found some minor errors in is the "Ethereal Wrap" by Evelyn A. Clark. This is a free pattern by Skacel and I had knitted the wrap in Cascade Heritage Wave. I never even contacted the designer, but received this lovely text: 
    • Hello! I wanted to thank you for the notes that you made on your pattern. We are currently fixing the mistakes and will a new version will be attached to the link next week. So sorry for any confusion that the pattern has caused but again, thank you.
    Happy Knitting.
    -Brooke @ Skacel
     The pattern can be found here: Ethereal Wrap 
  • Let us work together to make this world a better place one step (stitch) at a time.

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