Friday, April 8, 2016

1/2 foot of snow in April! What to do?

Knitting, of course (and keeping calm and drinking tea).

What's on my needles week 108

I cannot say that I was not warned that snow would be coming.  Even last Friday my local library director asked me if I was ready for Winter.  Winter in April?  And then we had 1/2 foot of snow, yes, that's not much considering how much we usually get in Upstate New York, but after such a mild Winter and since it is April and the daffodils and forsythias are out and Friday the temperatures were in the upper 70's...

Well, it took me by surprise, but not unprepared.  I am never unprepared when it comes to the chance of staying home :  There is always knitting!

Sunday I managed to finally finish my cardigan.  After the designer was so kind and updated the pattern there was not much more to do to finish it and it came out really nice.
The patternTullamore Cardigan by Emily Ringelman   It is knitted in pieces and then seamed which gives it a nice fit.  I am surprised that not more people have knitted this one. So far only 11 projects were posted on ravelry.  The pattern is available on ravelry for $6.50
The yarn:  I used Elsebeth Lavolt Silky Wool which was in the Stickles Clearance bin last Fall (there are some good finds in there).
My pattern notes: You can find my pattern notes following this link:
 And finally the pictures:  

Tullamore Cardigan
Tullamore Cardigan

Monday's snow was a little more unexpected, but I started a new project, the Hitofude Cardigan, which has been on my "to-do list" since a while.  I will make a few changes in the upper body and no sleeves (more like a summer vest), but will definitely keep the flow and increases of the lower body.
I am using the Shibui Linen Yarn.  I had used it a few years back for the "Liesel" which is a store sample at The Knitting Garage.  Since then I have been thinking  what I could make out of the yarn for myself.  I like the weight of the linen, the crisp feel and drape.

humble beginnngs

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