Friday, December 16, 2016


Have you ever heard about Illusion Knitting?

I read about it about a year ago and put several patterns in my favorites.  
As another birthday was coming up for a nephew who really likes Dr Who, I thought to give it a try and knit up the hat "DON'T BLINK". 
Looking at the hat straight on, you only see navy and light grey stripes, but looking at it at an angle you see the words " DON'T BLINK".
This is just to show how much in life depends on our perspective.

or just an ordinary striped hat?

I do think illusion knitting shows off best when used in a flat knitted piece such as a scarf or pillow case. 
The pattern by Karen Robinson is available for purchase on ravely : "Dr Who Illusion Hat".
For my notes on ravelry click here: "Strickliese's DON'T BLINK".


Are you one of the 15,000 plus knitters who work on "Project Peace"? 
The pattern by Christina Campbell is free on ravelry : "Project Peace".

I do believe that something shifts and changes within ourselves as well as in our greater surroundings once we conscientiously, diligently meditate on peace and unity.  This project calls all knitters to meditate on Peace for 21 days while knitting four rows (which is one repeat) of the pattern each day.  In the end you are not only rewarded with a beautiful cowl, but hopefully also with a more peaceful mind.
It does not really matter when you start and finish with this project; the important part is to participate in  peace efforts in any way you can.
Click on the link below the picture to read more of my notes and thoughts while knitting this beautiful cowl.

And with this I am wishing you all a Blessed and Peaceful Holiday Season.

Strickliese's Peace Project
 Here are some of the thoughts which are going through my head while working on this: This is a very rhythmic knitting (1.2.3.) like a waltz or prayer-beads; rosary…
With tenacity and one step/ stitch at a time Peace can be accomplished. My thoughts stray to the war zones and other areas of conflict including smaller units , families, even individuals who are struggling, don’t feel at peace with themselves…and my prayers emerging are filled with compassion. I believe Peace will prevail. I am also thinking of the thousands of knitters who are -like me - working on this cowl. And others still all over the world who are doing other activities to promote Peace…

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