Friday, December 2, 2016

My 7-Day Shawl (Week # 123)

With all of the Holiday gift knitting, I totally forgot to share with you one project I had quickly squeezed in before starting on gift knitting :)  I had posted it on my fb page, but forgot to share it here.

This past summer I knitted up two new summer tops which had been in my queue for one year and three years respectively!
It feels good to finally finish these and I am looking forward to years of  wear and enjoyment.  The two tops are "Sommer" by  Mari Chiba and the "Spring Garden Tee" by Alana Dakos.  To get to the pattern and for more extensive project notes you can click on the links below the pictures. 


Spring Garden Tee
I had yarn left over from both projects and thought, it would be nice to knit up a shawl using both yarns and perhaps a third yarn as main color.
I found the pattern "Silence" by Melanie Mielinger.
Using the Cascade Ultra Pima in white  to tie it all together and on US#7 needles, it took me exactly 7 days from start to finish.  There are 7 sections to the shawl and with a little determination I finished one section per day.  I must say that in the end it took me a little more effort as the rows were getting longer and longer, but I did it and I think the shawl looks beautiful!

I am thinking that perhaps after the Holidays you want to treat yourself to a nice summery shawl and this one may just be the ticket.  While making it you may want to dream of warmer weather to come or warmer weather vacation destinations.  Click on the link above to get to the pattern or click on the link below the picture to see more pictures, read my pattern notes and get to the pattern.

 Happy Holidays, everyone!

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