Friday, January 13, 2017

I learned something new!!! (125)

It is always so exciting and fun to learn something new!

I knew how to do Brioche, I knew how to do 2-color Brioche, I knew how to do both right leaning and left- leaning Increases and Decreases, but what I didn't know was how to do right-leaning and left-leaning Increases and Decreases in 2-color Brioche!

You may remember that I started Srephen West's "Building Blocks Shawl" for the shop (click on the link for the pattern).
I had put it aside during the past month, because it was far too busy in the shop to do section 5 which had something new for me to learn :) (All in all that was a good thing as it gave me an excuse to work on some of the gifts during store hours).
If you choose to do section 5 in the Brioche Version , you run into the problem how to incorporate the brioche stitch into the right- and left-leaning increases and decreases. 
Earlier this month I picked the shawl back up and watched and re-watched Stephen West's instructional videos on YouTube (they are a lot of fun to watch and I don't mind watching more than once).

Once you understand it, it is really very logical and you get that "of course! moment" , as if a light bulb goes off in your head. 

And here is the proof, that , indeed, "by George I got it"!



I encourage you to look over my Class schedule again and see if there is something new you would like to learn.  There are openings in all classes and all classes have a maximum of three students.

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